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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Called to Serve!!

So exciting news!! My little sister, Chelsea, is going to be serving a mission in the Rochester, NY mission!! She reports July 30th and will be working the Hill Cumorah Historical sights, I think that is what she said...I only talked to her for a second cause she had more important people to call:)!! She is coming home from BYU this weekend and will be here until she leaves--we are excited to spend some time with her before she leaves!! Shs is going to be such a good missionary cause she has such a sweet countenance and she is very relateable and very cool, calm and collected. They are gonna love her!! Good luck Chels, we love you!!


Tassi Smith said...

Congrats Chelsea! Bethany now you guys really need to come and see us and then we can make a road trip up to Rochester for the Pageant.

Kim said...

Congrats to Chelsea! It is weird to think that she is even old enough to go on a mission.

Marquita said...

Congrats to Chelsea! I don't really know her, but a mission is exciting! Good luck to her!

SarahBoBera said...

Tell Chelsea I have been to Rochester for work and I loved it. Tell her to tracting and find all of my co-workers who just found out they will be out of a job by the end of May. P.S. WE MISS YOU GUYS. When can we get together?