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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little poetry to give rest to the weary...

Mom's Hat Box
Today I was a plumber for the toilet that got clogged
By the boy who was “napping” but instead he went whole hog.

Today I wore the hat of the coach, the wife, the friend
The chauffeur, dj, tutor, babysitter…not the end…
The psychologist, mediator, snuggler, teacher, and the cook.
Today I wore the hat of a playmate and a reader of the books.
The hats accountant, lawyer, doctor they say should pay quite well
Hey wait! I do all those things and not a penny I can tell!
The hats of dishwasher, diaper changer, menu planner are very torn
Perhaps I’ll trade them in for ones that are hardly ever worn.
Like the hats of crafter, napper, runner, and the hat they call free time.
I had better get that back before I pass my prime!
Today I wore the hat of the butcher and the baker
I absolutely do refuse to wear the hat of the candle maker.
The hats for bather, brusher, clother, washer, wiper, hugger, kisser,
Tier, drawer, singer, dancer, walker, buckler, grocer, taker, finder
Don’t forget: server, cleaner, speller, writer, tucker iner, cutter, giggler,wrestler, painter, (deep sigh), gluer, picture taker, organizer, and a canner.

Today I was a mother for the kids that take the cake!
I thank the Lord for a hat box big enough that He did make
Without it I think it possible for me to lose my mind.
Instead He attends daily so they can say “Mom is one of a kind!”
Did I mention I Heart Cheesy poems!?!


Lauren & Shaun said...

Super Cute and Very True! Have a great day Rudd Family!

Emily K. said...

I heart YOUR cheesy poems. Love, love, love it. You are so creative. That one definitely needs to be published in some mom's journal.

Marquita said...

Hey, I was just looking through some old pictures and wondered if you kept in touch with Sacha at all!

Shon and Holly Shuldberg said...

Hi. This is Emily's sister Holly. I lived at the Riv before all you guys and remember Emily love living with you. I just have to say that your blog is so fun and you are so funny. I hope you don't mind me checking it out every once in a while. Your little fam is adorable!!