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Monday, October 20, 2008

An English Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching (maybe I should start thinking about costumes?) I decided it would be fun to reminisce a bit. I will tell you a story...prepare yourself to be entertained. Oh la laa.

Once upon a time there were two silly, but hot and VERY awesome and fun and did I mention hot, girls. Now these were not just any ordinary girls, these were hot girls. They were not just any average hot girls though, they were coeds. That is right, two college girls out for a night on the town in the big city...Logan, UT. Now you may be thinking, "Logan, UT...big city, I think not!" But there you would be wrong. You see 'big' is a relative term, it is a matter of perspective. For two young, hot coeds from NYU, or perhaps UCLA maybe this would seem a bit odd, however, our two young heroines were attending the College of Ricks, (otherwise known as BYU-Idaho, why they had to go and ruin it I will never know.) located in the thriving metapolis of Rexburg, ID (otherwise known as the armpit of Idaho--no offense to those who currently dwell in Rexburg. I actually loved said armpit and would love to go back and visit the Wal-mart; I had loads of fun there and have pics to prove it...)

Back to our story...

The night was Halloween, the place Utah State Howl (Halloween party), the reason...they were weird...and hot.

The young heroines prepared to attend the large Halloween party by primping and meticulously planning out outifts that were sure to impress. As usual, there was probably some music involved and some giggling and dancing around. The excitement of the night was palpable. This Howl was talked about all over the Utah area and it promised to be a night of excitement for the two entertainment starved coeds.

They arrived and looked around. Awe struck by the sight. People everywhere. People dancing everywhere...people dancing full embarrassing! Could it be that these two silly but hot girls could have forgotten to dresss up for a HALLOWEEN party? They stuck out like a sore thumb and were sure that dumb hick was tattooed on each of their well groomed foreheads.

What could they do where could they hide? Quickly a plan was formulated in the two minds of these hot coeds. They would not run. They would not hide.

They would...

be English for Halloween.

That is right, just in the nick of time, just as their social careers were about to be shot through they transformed themselves into English debutants on their first trip to the States. The rest of the night was spent (switch now to English accent)chatting it up with blokes and taking pictures of all of the crazy American costumes...all the while creating a most intoxicating (not really afterall they were still Rick's College students abiding by the ever present Honor Code) story of where they came from, why they were there, and how wonderful it was to be an English gentlewoman out for a visit. We fooled them all...take that Utah State.

There is no ending...that is all...not the makings of a great story but a good memory none the less.

I dedicate this story to The SOBO Galactic girls of Idaho Falls. SOBO GALS 4ever.


Sarah said...

So appropriate that I'm the first to leave a comment! That is one of my favorite memories, and I definitely admit to recounting that night a time or two to innocent bystanders unfortunate enough to catch me in a reminiscient mood. And thanks - it's been a long time since anyone other than my husband has called me hot! Except for those two young men in my ward - but I'm not supposed to know about that ;)

Emily K. said...

Yeah, I totally remember that night too. And, I completely think that you and S are hotter than ever. That was a quite a night, and I have to admit that I was a little embarassed at the time for you, but now wish I would have been brave enough to play along. That picture is awesome! Oh, the memories. . . . We should really think about doing a get-together sometime.

Joel & Lisa Wagenman said...

hu,hu, Bethany, you funny! (wow and a great writter, too!)

Melting away in H... said...

Isn't it fun to remember funny stories from our past!? I loved the story and I would have to agree that you are a great writer! I wish I would've been that hot in college:(

Bree and Clif said...

What no Goth for Halloween?

The Wells said...

You do write REALLY well! I never knew that about you. You should write a book like Harry Potter and become rich.
Your Bro.

The Bundrocks said...

You are hilarious! You definitely had me guessing and your a great writer. Maybe you should write a mystery someday.
Great story!