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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whoo Wee it's been a ride

Our friends the Smitho's came to visit us. This is Jave and Damie...okay just kidding Damie is on the left and Jave is on the right. Aren't they a pretty couple? You should see the kids they make together...quite a spectacle to behold.

This is M, E, J and back there in the back...not there to the left a bit...that is A. Beautiful aren't they!?

Okay, you got me...this is Jave and little A.

and this is the rest of the crew, Damie, M, J, E, and Jave and A again.

The Airport..6 kids, 2 babies, 2 adults (?), 2 husbands, 2 cars, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 days, a few dozens sidewards glances from strangers...eternal chaos and everlasting fun.

The boys kept the kiddos while Damie and I went to some girly twirly fun at Tatum's shower...ooh la la. This is what they did...the whole time, they just prayed and ate pizza. Impressed by the too.

Uno and her BFF MS (that does not stand for Multiple sclerosis). Isn't it wonderful how kids can be besties with someone that they haven't seen in over four years? Isn't it also wonderful that Uno looks like a giant in this picture. She is in the 80th %tile for her height. Not sure where she gets that from.

Our house was a zoo, I mean we went to the zoo. We decided that the zoo was onto something when they decided to put wild animals in cages...

I have no idea but I just want to eat him up sometimes...he is so cute.

We even got to go on a fun little day date with just the adults... it was fun. (I am not sure was Damie is doing in this picture but we love her anyway)

Yummy yummers at the Sugar Bowl...

My new man and his turquoise body...I guess I am trading red for turquoise :)
We left the kiddos in the ever so capable hands of my parents...thanks mom and dad, hop eyou enjoyed the rest.
I love this picture...grassy marshmallow's...only the best for our guests.

You can't tell here but Jave was WAY stressed about the kids and the fire. No worries Jave we have only ever lost a hand...never anything really important.

Sunday after Stake Conference (of which I think I heard one sentence..."blah blah personal revelation blah blah" then it was all trying to keep kids from unplugging the projector on which the whole of Stake Conference depended.) we went to the temple.
Leave it to the animals to get out of their cages and find the one dirty spot on all of the temple grounds.

This is the dancing Jesus Statue. I don't know if they meant for this to be a toy but when you place a child size statue that spins in circles you are reallyonly asking for trouble.

We watched a private screening of the Joseph Smith Story...this is the girls pretending to sleep. Uno really does sleep like that...isn't her future husband a lucky man? I hope he has a strong heart.
This is the mom's with the kids...trying to teach eight children about the Resurrection, it was very informative. I asked Dos where the owie on His side came from and he said that it must have come from falling on a fence. Maybe I should reinvest some time in studying the scriptures with that one.
We also went trick or treating together. It was fun...I know I am a scrooge for not dressing up but I decided to go as an English person (is it possible to be a scrooge on Halloween?)
That is all...would you be surprised to know that that took a really long time to put together? We love our friends the Smith-o's and their kiddos. Our house was a zoo but we would gladly buy a membership to that one! Thanks for the fun time...we had a blast!


Jamie Smith said...


That may well be the best post on a blog I have ever read! I laughed my head off. You are hilarious!

Happy Anniversary and thanks again for having us down.

Melting away in H... said...

Love when you update! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Smith Clan said...

Oooh! Looks like you had fun. It's great to see pics of Jamie & her family. Send her greetings from us!