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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Check out her triceratops!

So we decided to drive to the snow a few weeks ago, yes we have to drive to get to snow...about 2 hours actually...but anyway so we were driving along. There were a few moments where the children were actually quiet, I think the Nyquil must have set in (just kidding don't turn me into CPS. I don't drug with kids with Nyquil...only kindness. HA!). So there we were just hubby and I driving along in our automobile (song reference). He was pondering whatever it is that he ponders when we are not engaged in tremendously deep and meaningful conversations or gazing into each others eyes and I was thinking about my new punching bag that I got for Christmas. I was thinking of how hard I wanted to hit it and all the cool punches and kicks that I know how to do. Then I started thinking about all of the muscles it would work and how hot I was going to be and that this, THIS could be the trick to getting that rock hard body, six pack abs that I always imagine that I will have when I am feeling motivated about working out. I am listing, in my head of course because hubby would have thought I was crazier than he already thinks that I am, (he told me tonight that Tres gets her silliness and spastic behavior from me...compliment?...jury's still out)all of those glorious muscles that I could get pumped up doing my roundhouse kicks, jabs, etc. Deltoids, gluteus (ooh lala), biceps, quads (yes), abdominals (did you know that six packs are actually produced by the connective tissue between the muscles called ramus...I did), tri..tric, tr...triceratops?, hamstrings, tri, tri what is that word? It's not triceratops...holy cow. What has happened to me? Lats, delts, biceps, triceratops! By this point I am grabbing at the back of my arm hoping against all hope that by doing this it will somehow communicate to me what it's name is and put the correct name in place of the only word that comes to mind--triceratops!(maybe you only get to remember the name of the muscles that you actually have). What has happened to one point in my life I was studying to be a doctor and now all I can think of is triceratops...I am fairly certain that there is not a muscle in my body with that name!
I am aware that at this point I am starting to sweat a little bit, the window next to me is fogging up, and by now the kids are stirring in the back but I will not let myself leave it like this...triceratops, triceratops, triceratops...sweating a little bit more...fighting in the back...tri, tri, tri..."give that back to her and stop calling him a baby!"...tri, tri,triceratops...turn on the defroster...tri, tri...forget it...give into the dumbness.

Two hours later while sledding and as my arms are burning from yet another trip up knee high snow to the top of the hill, carrying a two year old in full snow gear and a green snow disc it comes to me....triceps!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!! It may be from one too many hours watching Land Before Time (how many of those sequels can they least 17 I would guess is what they are up to wasn't even that great the first time around) or perhaps one too many times playing dinosaur with the kids, brain tumor...perhaps. Whatever it was it has inspired me to read more and something at a higher level than The Boxcar Children or Junie B. Jones.

With that my hiatus is over.


Abby said...

HAHAHAHa. Oh, dear sister. I love you. Thank you for finally updating your blog.

Jamie said...

You only get to remember the names of the muscles that you have? That is the funniest thing I have read in a blog, ever!

Erin said...

LOL Bethany you rock and that is classic! Let me just say, that you are not the only one...when I was Actually TEACHING a water aerobic class I called the Forearms, the Forceps! LOL, I wont ever live that down.

Shelley said...

You are too cute! Love your writing style! And I hope everybody has those dead-brained moments because I certainly do. I think I even did before I had kids, but only when tired. Now I just have them all the time.