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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beware of swirling vortex

I dared to enter the swirling vortex today to give it a good clean out.

Here is what I found:
7 socks (none of which are a match)
2 jackets
5 lone french fries (mmm, dinner?)
2 half eated half melted suckers
1 Peter Pan movie
2 bats
1 softball
1 squished box (Dos's art project or as he calls it, his tabogin (sp?) )
3 diapers (not's not THAT bad)
four days worth of junk mail
2 pairs of shoes
2 melted crayons
half eaten graham crackers
soccer ball
1 paper mache' maraca with a hole in it
6 art projects from various children
2 bills (oops, no worries they were not over due and I would have figured it out eventually)
2 sunhats
1 bag of smooshed oyster crackers
1 lost library book
3 semi-used rolls of toilet paper (our white trash booger wipers)
5 hair bows/ headbands
1 yellow fireman hat with red crayon on it because Dos says that fireman hats are red not yellow
1 dried up daisy that tres gave to me
2 plastic dress up earrings

The swirling vortex: I entered, I drove, I cleaned, I survived.

and I will do it all again in two days.


Jamie said...

what is the vortex? Your car,? your closet? I hope not your purse!

Irene said...

I swear you have such a talent for writing! Anytime you want to start writing your book, I'll babysit.

The Lindsey's said...

I can't believe I found you guys! It's been a long time since we've been in contact, years ago at BYU. Hopefully we can stay in contact though... I love blogs =) HEre's a link to ours... Your family's super cute. I think the last I knew was your number 2 kiddo was a newborn. It's been a while! Hope to hear from you soon!