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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Okay so today has been one of those days.
I have been feeling completely out of control with my house. I have one of those houses that I swore I would never have. Slimy, dirty smudges on my walls, stains spotting the carpet, and lately an usuall smell coming from heaven knows where.
It looks like I have been spending my time watching Dr. Phil and The View.
In reality I have been busting my ars trying to stay caught up with it all.
I spend my days putting out fires and there is no extra time to do any kind of extra anything.

So my question I give into the chaos and just go with it or do I continue to fight it?

Today I was getting my meager attempt at a workout with my good friend Billy Blanks I was, of course, being interrupted every few moments by one child or another with one problem or another. Button this, water please, hold me, open this, peel this, etc., etc. The Double D' had already dumped every toy known to the Rudd family out on the playroom floor but I was okay with that because that is what a playroom is for and it is manageable. They then moved and were playing quietly (first indication of trouble) in Tres' and Unos' room. So after a few sets of side kicks I decided I have better check on them. All of Uno's Polly Pockets and the rest of her "treasures" were spread across the floor and all of the blankets and stuffed animals from the bunk beds were on top. The culprits were hiding in the closet because they know that Uno's stuff is off limits when she is in school, that is why it is in her room.
Big trouble.
So I spent the remainder of my workout interrmittedly punch, squat kicking (exercising not punishing--not that kind of parent--yet ;) )and "strongly urging" my Double D's to clean up that mess. It took them until 15 mintues before we were supposed to leave for Tres's playgroup. Of course I hadn't showered yet because I was playing police woman and I knew that I desperately needed to get to the store becasue we were completely out of diapers so I quickly jumped in to rinse off . I was only in there three minutes. I came out to see my mineral powder foundation spread across the tile in my bathroom. I quickly used a hand towel to scoot it over so I could at least get out without making mineral mud and then I quickly threw some clothes on and ran out to get the kids shoes on and jump in the car. I would clean that mess up later.
That sounds easy, right?
I walked down the hallway to find a thick pink line all the way down the hallway. I followed said pink line to a beautiful art creation on the familyroom wall and my computer chair.

I walked around the corner to find my 3 newly stocked snapright containers full of cereal dumped on my family couch and floor.
Three minutes.
New record.
What do they have to say for themselves? "Sorry mom"
Sorry my freaking ars, except the real word in my head.
Needless to say there was no playgroup, no snacks, no store, which means no diapers. One hour, many threats, and four times setting the timer later they had the mess cleaned up and they know that they will be eating cheerios for a very long time.
It was 9:30 a.m.
The crappiest thing about this is that I have myself wondering what I did wrong with my kids to make them think that this is okay. Really now they are almost 5 and 3. Shoudn't they know that dumping cereal on the floor isn't okay. Or at least they should know it because I have told them over 100 times that it isn't.
I was a good kid. Why am I being punished?

I think fighting it will be the death of me. I have no idea what I am going to do about the diaper situation.

P.s. I just threw away every single playdough apparatus that we own because they wouldn't clean it up. They are all crying.

Is it bad that I have a small ounce of satisfaction that I finally figured out what will get throught to them.

Like I said one of those days....maybe after naps it will get better? I will let you know.


Strong Family - said...

I would have thrown the playdoh away too. Good girl. I have confiscated the most beloved toys to get good behavior, sometimes for days, weeks, or forever. Whatever works! Hope your day gets better...or at least not worse. :-) Lauree

Sara! said...

You may want to consider the tattoo that I'm considering on my blog. Maybe if we went together we could get a deal.

Emily K. said...

The other day Jake just busted one of Rohne's favorite swords in half after he hit his sister with it. I couldn't believe he was being so harsh!! But, it did get through to him. We haven't had any sword incidents yet, and I have even resisted buying him a new one, after he begs all day long. I think you are doing great. It sounds like my days mostly. It took the kids an hour and a half to clean up candy wrappers, and Easter grass that they threw lovingly all over my front room while I was lying down yesterday. I was so upset, and could have done it 5 minutes. . . but it finally worked. Have you heard anything from UW?

Jamie said...

sheesh. Elliot has really been on one too lately. Maybe there is something being beamed to their little toddler brains from space. (do bad things; drive your mom crazy; quickyly, quickly children...there isn't much time! It's the only way...)

Do you think it might be because you're living with boxes and chaos and big future changes? I wonder if that is what might be causing E. to be so naughty.

p.s. What Billy Blanks video were you doing? Do you have the extreme workout where in the middle, he urges you to pray?

Chase said...

Wow, and I got stressed out over you teasing me about Tatum having a kid early. This doesn't help the cause for multiplying and replenishing the earth

I must say though (to not seem so negative) that your kids are so dang cute when they do behave...

Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

Haha Chase is halfway kidding. It stresses him out to think about having kids right now cause we aren't established. Once we are and start having kids, he will be fine. He is so dramatic:) ha After he read the blog he was dying but then he remembered I will be the one home with them during the day:) What a nice husband. He stopped stressing after he realized that! ha

Sarah said...

So nice to know it's not just me.

JLJ said...

Playdoh is outlawed at our house for the same reason. Even if they try to clean it up it is impossible to get all the bits that get tracked into the carpet and around the house. That is a crazy morning.... at least none of it involved poop!

Mighty Mighty Rudds said...

no the poop was the day before...runny and on the carpet.

Miles said...
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