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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

feet on the ground

really. Really? This is a crazy life I have here. Wel, at least the last 6 weeks or so. I am trying to remember the blur of activities so that I can recap but part of me wants to just forget it all and just pick up here...ahh, you thought you had dodged a bullet! Wrong so here goes...

Living nicely in our old home enjoying summer and all of the activities. Had planned on staying until Christmas and so had planned all kinds of things for the summer and beyond. Sprained wrist. Packing for Colorado trip with the Rudd's/Rass./Betts/Reynolds (very fun by the by). Day before we were supposed to leave we got the word that the offer on our home went through and that we would be closing two weeks after we got home from our trip.
No place to live.
Have to pack whole house plus still take care of four kids couped up in house while doing swim lessons and other organized activities all with sprained wrist. Oh and hubby is in busy season (thanks to all those who extend their taxes) so he is of very little use. No offense honey :)!
So I madly begin looking for a place to live. Long story short. Find a place, not near old home. Dangit. But whatever, it is a place and it will work.
So pack. Pack like madwoman...but carefully cause wearing a brace and stuff.
Moving is awful.
Really awful.
Hate it.
Don't want to do it again, but wait, we are renting....crap.
Switch utilities, turn off utilities, clean house (kind of cause really the people payed 85K for that place they can afford to have it professionally cleaned--take that Mr. Wei You), order truck, find movers (give it up for being Mormon), find babysitters, get keys, sign title, sign rental agreement, two trips to house cause we severely underestimated the amount of C-R-A-P we have.
We are in.
Now we madly unpack so we can pack again to send me off with the kids (minus a hubby) to Utard for Brother Oshua's wedding. I am not joking.
So. I. unpack. like. a. madwoman. but. carefully. cause. wrist. still. hurts. Then. I pack. like. a. madwoman. but. carefully. cause. wrist. is. sprained. I go to doctor cause i was apparently not careful enough. More meds. More time in sling.
Did I mention that meds make me drowsy and I have to drive the next day to Utard with a car full of kids (minus a hubby)?
yeah. I did.
So I left with loose ends all over the place and I forgot about it all for one week. What a week! We had so much fun with the Utard friends the Smith's--what time we had with them. It was a jam packed week of truffle making (more on this later), octomomming it (smith's have four kids too), family enjoyment, and more truffle making.
We are "home" now. I want to go back. School starts next week and I still don't know who is going where, what friends my kids will have, where I have put all of the pens in my house, oh and did I mention the scorpion infestation (okay not really an infestation), yeah and oh I almost forgot two weeks ago we were told that Dos is allergic to all stinging insects--like anaphalactic we have sent the property management company a 5 day health and safety notice (good to have a daddy lawyer) so if the problem isn't taken care of within five days then we will terminate our lease...two and two, if you need help--

we move again.

But for now I will keep my feet on the ground while watching for those sneaky little b-tards (what? that's what they are...satans minions)


Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

I am glad you guys are back. We have missed you! And as for the scorpions, they do belong to satan! Actually any bug does. Hope it gets taken care of so you guys can stay close to us:)

Tassi Smith said...

I was glad we got to see you in all the madness. Good luck with the scorpions.

john and steph said...

That was a whirlwind of a post but fun to read. I am glad your are home but sad you moved. Let us know your address and phone number to keep in touch.

Matt and Tara said...

I am exhausted from reading that. Death to the scorpions!!!!a

JIll said...

Where are you at? I hope things calm down for you soon and hope your daughter is ok. I hate cats, but I know they are immune to scorpion stings and will kill them for you. I would personally move before getting a cat, but it is an option :) Good luck.

Josh and Heather said...

Um, I agree, Scorpions are from the devil. I HATE them. And they are almost impossible to get rid of :( I am so sorry! Let us know if you need anything! Sorry we didn't help you move, but being in the hospital having a baby kind-of took up our time :)

Jamie said...


I hope it really calms down for awhile and you don't have to move again. But if you do, may I suggest moving in with us? It would be sooo fun!!

Kiriam said...

Hey there my little neighbor!!! I am glad you guys moved close by...reading your post really makes me not feel so bad about my little life .... WOW sometimes I feel like I am losing my head with two little ones can not imagine FOUR !!! you are superwoman !!

Erin said...

So sorry to hear about Numero Dos, We know all about anaphylactic shock so if you need anything let me know. Good luck with everything! We miss you!

Hancock Fam said...

WOW! We miss you over here Bethany! But - look at the bright side, ummmmm.... (just kidding).

Let me know if you need anything - I can possibly rustle you up some Raid, pens, ace bandages and an epi pen. Ahhhh... now that's a housewarming gift.

Doster Dorks said...

Okay, here is the scoop with scorpions....the reason we moved was our old house was their vacation was horribly infested. Okay, back to tip....get the sticky paper you use to catch LIVE the pads around your casa at night with a live cricket stuck to the middle (poor cricket is the sacrafice) when crickets are having issues they send out some super sonic noise that the scorps hear...the scorps come to attack and mwaa haa haa they get stuck the paper. In the morning wake up and dispose of the paper with the scorps stuck. Use tongs to transport paper just in case their stingers are able to move. One night I had four different sticky papers with 3 scorps on each of them.

Hopefully this helps. Have a fantastic time trying to heal that wrist!!