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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flag to the staff

This last Saturday we took a little jaunt to Flag to join Prego Tart and her huz to the band on their Anniversary trip. Weird, you may say? We thought so too but we really wanted to go so we put that out of our minds-plus she is like 27 weeks prego so really, romance is pretty much all about foot rubs and late night Cold Stone runs. So anway, it was fun and cool and it reminded us that just because we live in the same state we live completely different climactic lives. They HAVE a fall and we pretend to by driving to Flagstaff and taking pictures in front of the leaves.

Apparently Tres thinks being satan is a silly face.

Obviously, we rode the ski lift at started raining just as we were landing at the bottom, PHEW! Stinks for the couple on their way up in shorts and thongs...I mean flip flops...obviously from the Valley, sheesh, tourists.

Evan stayed below with Huz to the band and Prego Tart. Poor kid...yeah he never knew what he missed, thanks Tart for changing a sticky gross pooper, good woman.

Tres and I rode together, it was fun.

You know you love your kid when you will post ugly pictures of yourself only because your daughter looks like a princess...

This is the Oregano's sign Dos peed on. He was taken over by a demon on his 5th b-day.



Jennie Ellison said...

were there no bath to the rooms at orega to the nos?

JuDene said...

I finally got on and just love your blog! You are one creative mama. Okay mine's not as clever, but it's
I'll be checking in again (actually gotta look at your older stuff when I got more time)

Mighty Mighty Rudds said...

Yeah they had bathrooms but dos has a demon that likes to pee on stuff.

Tassi Smith said...

Looks like fun. I wish we could be with you guys on these fun trips.

Emily K. said...

When the baby was born, my 3 year old found his inner demon, as well. He took off all his clothes yesterday, and peed right on the bathroom floor, next to the toilet. Why, I ask? He just laughed, and said that he wanted to.