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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

spiritual. overload.

Ah fast Sunday.
A day to not eat or drink and get closer to the spirit.
This was my first complete 24 hour fast in over 8 years.
I have been working up to it since I quit nursing Quatro.
It just made fast and testimony meeting magical...
I somehow got put in charge of three of my four beauties while hubby had one.
How this seems to happen I will never know, like I said magical.
Uno thought it was hilarious to reach behind me and grab one hair at a time from my head and yank and then play dumb when I turned around.
Quatro has zero volume control. He is either quiet or loud.
This is how our exchanges went:
"Quatro, look these are the stripling warriors. They have swords and they are going to fight."
To which Quatro replies: "HORSEY! OUCHY! YUCK!(spit sputter)" (explanation: Quatro has learned to pretend eat everything that we point out in books and when it isn't food he spits and sputters pretending to spit it out.)
"Look quatro it is baby Jesus."
"BABY! YUCK! (more spitting)"
"Oh Quatro there are bigs on this page!"
"EAT BIRDIES! YUCK! (more sputtering)" Hysterical laughter.
Magically delicious.
In between stories, I leaned over to my right where Dos was being quiet (magical) to see what he was doing. When I did I noticed a very detailed picture.
I asked him about it.
Mom, this is Mount Everest. This is that lady (pointing to the woman crying at the potium) on the top and that picture over there is when the mountain blew up and exploded that lady and this is her blood mixed with the hot lava.
Lastly, testimony meeting went very quickly.
Ahh, the magical power of fasting!


Tara said...

Funny, I drew the same picture that Dos did!

Liz said...

someday, someone will make a movie of your life and you will be very wealthy.