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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gutteral sweats

The reason(s) for my gutteral region sweating:

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

Birthday cheesecake

My waist is so hot! Seriously my mid region has been sweating and uncomfortable for a few days now and it is driving me crazy. Is it a warning from my fat cells..."overload, overload!", the mice that run my organs are working hard causing my internals to overheat, has my cooling mechanism in my waistage arena stopped functioning due to a tumor growing (which would explain the weird bulging), what!!!???? Maybe a message from my biological clock warning against having 5 birthday celebrations in a row. Hey what do you want?! We have two birthdays in three days three families that like to take do the math...that is a lot of cake and crap. My body is reminding me that I am 30 and cannot handle this anymore. Sheesh. Hubby seems to think it is because I have too many layers and I will go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he means layers of clothing.

This must be the reason that I see women with guts hanging out of their shirts and over their pants...they have reached the 30 year old pre-menopause guteral hot flash.

Oh well at least my butt isn't sweating yet.


Emily K. said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Bethy Ann. Mine is coming up, and I know that you are in much better shape than me. Love ya lots!

Erin said...

Happy 30th! Miss you guys!

Joel said...

Hi Bethany, You r funny! I emailed you to ask you a question. Check it as soon as possible!

JuDene said...

I think YOU should have brought the cake to the Beehives today!

Amelia said...

bethany..oh i cried when I read your blog. i'm sorry I haveven't ever read your blog till now. I've been in Idaho and then we moved back. Anyways, I read your blog while visitng another blog and clicked on yours. Wow--I've been feeling nostalgic lately and hearing your music took me back ten years or longer!! how are you? beautiful children and you look beautiful,too. hope you read your comments.