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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shameless begging

Okay so I know that you have no reason to want to anything nice for me sicne I have left you all in blog freeze out but I swear it is because I have been muy crazy NOT because I have stopped thinking of awesome, blow your mind posts that I could write. Quite the contrary, in fact, I have deal that may just do that now--
3 months at Fitness Works for $20--I know, I know contain yourself because it gets better
10 free tanning sessions (or trade in for babysitting) and 5 free bring your kids to the kids center passes.

Okay now you can blow your mind.

The details:
You have to live here. Az, the valley of the sun, you know
You have to activate it by the 17th of Jan.
You have to lose 20 pounds and 2 inches or you have to pay it back....just kidding that is just motivation for myself!
You have to get the money turned in by tomorrow night so that I can turn it in to the girl who turns it in on friday-got it?

Oh yeah and here is where I shamelessly beg...if I can sell 20 then I get a free years membership for my family. And let me tell you that I NEED to workout-and so does my family. You should see Quattro-he is addicted to sugar and it shows-he will be my obese child, jsut another statistic if I don't help him.
So for his future, the future of my husbands floobs, and the future of me fitting into my already tight pants is at stake.
So for the children. Please.
I believe the children are our future, let them live and let them workout at Fitness Works...
For just pennies a day you can change our lives forever.
I learned my begging from the children.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany this is Lisa Krummenacher Broadbent,and i'm totally interested and my sister and her husband are too. my number is 480-385-9285. call me if we can make it happen today.