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Monday, February 8, 2010

Too late to apologi-ize?

That title should be read to the tune of the song that says-it's too late to apologi-ize. Then it is funnier.

So sorry that I have been a lame-o blogger.

Life has hit a new level of craziness.

And I have no camera at the moment.

Here is what is happening in our neck of the woods, Al Roker.

1. Homeschooling Uno.
2. Working 10-15 hours a week from home.
3. trying to get my car wrapped for money
4. YW
5. Camp Director.
6. Tax Accountant widow.
7. 4 children.
8. my calendar broke-hence the reason why I forgot to make funeral potatoes for -you guessed it- a funeral, how lame am I. I probably ruined the whole day when they were sad enough and then, then they ran out of potatoes too!!!!
9. dinner group-coolest thing EVER!
10. my camera broke-thank you quattro
11. laundry never ends-someone please invent a washer/dryer machine!
12. 3 year old pees her bed still
13. 2 year old wakes up twice a night just to say "hello" and "put me back in bed".
14. 5:15 a.m. "me time"=gym and scriptures in the driveway before entering my dream life-whoever wrote that song "View from my front porch" was just saying that they prefer that because they weren't the one in there with that view and that sippy cup of milk that had probably spilled already 5 times on the couch before he got home to stand outside and sing a song instead of coming inside to help the poor woman out!!!
15. 4 children's clothing, bodily functions, appetites, activities, playdates, need for quality attention (what's that all about-sheesh), "teaching" moments, fights, etc.
16. writing a book-haha as if it could be called that at this point

So there are 16 good reasons why I haven't been blogging.

I have some posts "in my head" (must be read to the tune of in my head song by that chick that sings it-then it is funnier) but no time to record.

Does it count as "me" time what I have to drag my butt out of bed at 4:50 a.m. to go get yelled at in class at the gym and then freeze my buns off in the car while I read?
I think not-I will get on that.

A girl could burn out living this life.


katie said...

Ok, fine whatever, I forgive you...but have you thought about asking to gert released so that you have sufficient time to blog? Just a thought...

katie said...

sorry, that was "get" released. I'm not really sure how you gert released, but it sounds painful...

Bree and Clif said...

What a crazy time. I was tired just by reading the blog. I totally forgive you for not blogging, but why homeschool? Don't you think you have enough to do without homeschool. You are wonder woman.