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Monday, March 22, 2010


From the time that our babies are born we look forward to hearing them say "Mommy" "Mama" "Ma" or anything remotely hinting that they know who you are-the keeper of the meeting of their needs. If your's are like mine they, of course, say Dada first. I say it's because it is easier to roll off the tongue (not because he is way more fun than mommy). But anyway, that first time they say "mommy" it is magical. Excitement fills the air and my heart! They did it and I am-your mommy!
Wheeeeeee! Happy day!
Then they begin to grow and their usage of the word becomes-shall we say-repetitive. Repetitive, to put it lightly. Annoying, whiny, and grating would also be good adjectives.
There are times that if I count the word is used hundreds of times per minute. All with me at the recieving end trying to respond patiently, calmly, and in a timely manner before the word "mommy!" is screamed for lack of quick response on my part or to be heard above the other sounds of "mommy!" coming from the sweet lips of my other verbally astute children.
Wheeeeeee! Happy day! Grrrrrrrr! (said through gritted teeth)
Why was I so excited to hear that back then?
Why don't they say "daddy" afterall that WAS their first word and he is way more fun than me!?

But then yesterday I had the sweetest experience...

I left for a week with my girls. But that wasn't it.

When I came home I was greeted at the door by my boys. I was bowled over with hugs, shouts of "Mommy!!", giggles, and the warmest feeling. It was magical. My heart and the air was filled with excitement of this reunion of our forever family. They said it and I am--the "mommy"!

I may not be as fun as Dada but I am the keeper of the meeting of their needs...and vice versa.

Wheeeee! Happy Day!


Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

Welcome home!! You are a great mommy:)

Irene said...

What a sweet post! The next best sound is "Grandma, will you make me some hot chocolate?"