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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

He is 6!

This guys turned six!
This picture pretty much sums him up. A hand on each mouth. Classic Dos.

He is in kindergarten and loves it (most days). He is my nurturer of the family but he is no pushover. He stands up for himself and usually stands up for the underdog too. He loves legos and he claims he is going to be an inventor someday. I tell him it is called an Engineer but he refuses and says he will be "Inventor dos". I say okay. He is my boy and he is my one I turn to when I need to be told I am "lovely" or when I need a spontaneous hug and smooch. He also sweats a lot. That is something about him that makes me laugh all the time. He has an infectious laugh and he has the thickest, darkest hair and just a trace of freckles across his nose. he cracks me up everyday with his little known facts about fish, dinosaurs, hurricanes, trains, etc. He doesn't read stories he only reads non fiction type books where he can learn about whatever he happens to be into in that moment. He is fabulous and I am glad that he is mine and that I get to help guide him to becoming the man he wants to be. Even if it is a pirate.


Emily K. said...

I think our kids would get along. He sounds a lot like my Rohnie. Happy 6th Birthday to Dos!

Irene said...

Yeah! How nice to have several entries to read. I love the new family pictures. Nice job, Tassi. Happy Birthday to all of you! I love you!

Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

What a little stud muffin. I love Collins nurturing side. I will never forget when I woke up to Collin standing over me with a blanket whispering, "here is a blanket in case you get cold." Such a simple thing, but SO cute! Good job on the posts, and the kids:) I love them.

Matt and Tara said...

I love him! He is so sweet! I love how much he loves my baby! I can't believe how grown up he is.

Jamie said...

I loved it! "even if he is a pirate" ahhahahahahah