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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How did this happen?

She's nine and I am 31.
She has been through a lot in her 9 years and I have been through a lot in my 31 and we are both stronger for it...I hope!
She is amazing. So helpful and loving (when she wants to be). She is an excellent writer and very creative. She has already written lots of books and is has a goal of being published and has had me searching for a writing agent since she was 5. She loves her treasures and her room can prove it. She laughs a lot and is wanting to be grown up. She loves to sit and talk with Hubby and I and tell us about her day and just be invovled in the everyday hubbub. She has been my saving grace in so many occasions. She is one of my distractions and a lovely one at that. When I need someone to bring me back to reality she does it and it fulfills me and fills me to the brink. It has been a priviledge to watch her grow and to be a part of her plan. I know we were friends before this life and I am glad she accepted me as her mother--flaws, craziness and all my glory~!
P.S. sorry it has been so long, I haven't been able to get pics up for a while and so I didn't want to post. But now i have lots to catch up on!


Sarah said...

So sweet...all your posts. Your kids are so grown up. Every now and then one of my babies will do something (make an expression, etc.) and I'll think, "That reminds me of Macey when she was a baby." Is that strange? You look great. Glad your back.

Emily K. said...

Happy Birthday Bethy Bethy. Sarah's so right. You're beautiful. 31, and 4 kids later. You sure don't look like you've been through a lot. I'm excited for Tay and I to start being closer friends, not just Mom and daughter. Happy to have you back, girl!

Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

I love Macy. Nine years has gone by fast, it makes me feel old. Happy birthday Mace face.

Matt and Tara said...

She is such a big helper now. Always wanting to help with my baby. She is so much fun!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to both of you cool gals!!! :)
Hope you had a blast shopping!!!

Shelley said...

sniff sniff. I can't believe it!