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Monday, May 23, 2011

Betty May Chamberlain Wells

My Grandma died during these last few months of blog boredom. She has been fading for a few years now but had been fending it off. After a final heart attack she was sent home on hospice care to be with her family until the end....during the first few days of being home she told us that she was waiting until her 90th birthday. She died the day before because we think she decided it would be more fun to celebrate with her son, Larry, and her sisters instead. Up there she could dance and eat cake and REALLY celebrate! It was really hard to see her suffering and in the state between life and death for so many days. Grandma was very prim and proper and didn't like being seen without her hair in place and stockings on. She was an old school thinker, dancer and performer. She was fiesty and adventurous in her own right. I miss her lots and was reminded of that today when I went to go clean Grandpa's house and noticed he still has her old hair pins and perfume bottles sitting on her vanity. We are so grateful for her courage in accepting the message from 2 young 19 year old boys and being baptized in the church so that we can have the peace that we will see her again!

Okay, so this is soooo white trash but my Grandma was buried in California and my dad thought it would be really nice if we borrowed that thing (kind of a midget motor home) and drove her to California (that is her in the back of the truck...I know) and let her see the beach one last time before we buried her. I think she came down and turned her body over a few times just to let us know how she felt about it! We looked ridiculous but Grandpa wouldn't let that coffin out of his sight so...sorry Grandma it was all your husband and son's idea!It was the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen...only the best for Grandma, that was so her.

My kids in the "RV". It was a fun trip for them and the first time they have had any experience with death. The glove lesson has been taught by each one of them at FHE since then, it is now their favorite to teach about the resurrection with the purple glove!

I am sure she is dancing in heaven right now in a beautiful dress designed by Larry and I know my Grandpa can't wait to be her partner again!


Joel and Lisa Wagenman said...

Awww, sweet Grandma Wells. She was such a sweet lady. I remember one time going to visit her with you and your dad and as we were driving away, she came running down the driveway with popcorn and oranges for us; she just couldn't bare to send us on our way with out something to eat. So sweet.
The motor home is awesome!

Amelia said...

Oh I remember your grandma, so sorry to hear she passed away. Your family is so cute and I like your blog. Sorry, I need to comment more.

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Anonymous said...

she came running down the driveway with popcorn and oranges for us; she just couldn't bare to send us on our way with out something to eat. So sweet
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