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Friday, April 4, 2008

doo ah diddy diddy dummy

Okay so it has been a while. Everyday (okay not every day) I try to think of something cool that I could blog about and during the course of my brainstorming I have come to the realization that my life really isn't that exciting...that being said, read on at your own risk...
My kids have all been taking runs getting sick and we have had many trips to the Urgent Care because they seem to be incapable of getting sick during regular business hours. So $35, $35, $35, $15, $15, $17 later (copays and drugs) we are all on appropriate drugs and well on our way to healthy life. Macy will be out of school soon so it will be nice to be rid of those foreign germs and focis on our own germs. I do have to say that there are some of my kids that become very kind and mild mannered when their temperatures rise and so I will miss that bit...this may sound horrible to you but if it does, you don't have enough kids yet and if you do--you are smiling in agreement! For instance, this is a pic of Collin putting Emily down for a nap when they were both sick...he actually rubbed her back for a full 30 seconds without smacking her back...I was in awe and almost couldn't find the camera because I was afraid to look away, afraid it was a moment that wasn't real!!

So now we are all back to normal and here is a picture of Emily when she got stuck...I think she was pushed into a storage bin...this is post fever behavior for Collin...not to give him a bad name he can also be very sweet, he is just very...let's say "curious". I think here he was wondering "what would happen to emily if I put her in the bin with the balls and then left her there?" Really he is a scientist, just conducting experiments...I wonder what his hypothesis for this one was?
During these weeks of course I have been a gimp and not being able to do a lot of walking around and the thing that is killing me the most is that I haven't been able to work out, I say that it is killing me but let's be has been nice to have a little break. However, my body wasn't quite ready for such a long break after my fourth baby and I have taken a few steps backwards...if this picture is any indication of what has happened it may take a while to get back...
I love my Evan Almighty! Look at those rolls...I just love it!! It is good that he is sturdy, I am so used to having tiny little babies that seem so fragile and frail. It is nice to have a little chunker! I always have people tell me how cute and "round" he is...I think they may be referring to his round is a very round head. They also, thinking that it is my first baby (haha) give me a lot of advice about his size which I think is very strange...he's not like freakishly big, just chubby and cute. I get a lot of advice when I just have one of my kids with me, actually more than I ever did when I really did just have one. When we had Evan and were in the hospital we were given the "suggestion" to go to the discharge class that teaches you what to expect when you get home...we didn't go and we were a little confused as to why we were invited. Then after the class the nurse came in (acting kind of snooty I might add) and asked us why we didn't attend the class and we politely told her that since this was our fourth--and we had just had another baby last year, we didn't really feel like we needed too. Then she felt really stupid and mumbled something about us teaching the class giggled a little and bashfully left the room. I am guessing she was embarrassed. I think that if I wasn't me I would think the same thing though...sometimes I wake up and wonder how it is that I have four kids when I am still 19 years old up at Ricks living with the gals of The Riv 14--party at The Riv--he-ay! I hope you enjoy the ramblings of me--
Oh and we have BIG NEWS--huge news really! Tait has passed (with flying colors) the CPA exam!! (equivalent to Bar exam for Lawyers) Woo hoo! No more studying, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!! It is nice to have him not have to study at night--now we can both sit on our bums and watch TV, instead of me doing it alone! No but really I am very proud of him, he worked really hard trying to be a daddy, husband, full time accountant, and a student at the same time. He gave up a lot of Tait time and it is nice to see him be able to go play b-ball and run again! The burden has been lifted--I have no picture of this, in your mind picture Tait with a very pleasant look his face (like you just ate a really good bite of ice cream) looking up at the sky with his arms outstretched spinning in circles and gigling like a drunken sailor--that will pretty much sum it up for you!
Macy wanted to contribute to the blog! She was home a lot from school and got really bored so
she took a lot of pictures-of herself and she drew this picture on the computer. I told her she couldn't print it out because we were out of ink, so she took a picture of it--of course why didn't I think of that!! :) She will be done with school next month and I think that she is going to go crazy with boredom so I am trying to get some things going for the summer--swim lessons and stuff like that! Well, I just finished up our RS B-day party...Thank you Kati (my Enrichment Leader)! It was a l ot of fun, I think that I may be on my out of this has been over three years and I am getting tired. I am sure there are many of you that have had this experience. I have served my booty off (I wish this was literally possible) and I think it is someone elses turn to get all those good blessings...I wouldn't want to be selfish now would I!!:) Anyway,thanks for all who contributed!! Hey now that I have bored you all to death...Tait and I are planning a vacation for next Jan or Feb--any grand ideas!? Thanks!
Latah Skatahs!


The Bundrocks said...

Well, I have to say I have smiled more than once as I read your latest post. Truly, I understand everything! From the melancholy children to no more studying! I still roll my eyes when I think back to when Bill got his MBA and worked Full time. It is so nice to have them home huh! You're a great mom and are a beautiful family! P.s. Congratulate Tait for us.
The Bundrocks

Tassi Smith said...

First of all your life is never boring to me because I never get to see you. And duh, do you even need to ask where your vacation should be... North Carolina.

Strong Family - said...

I love the everyday stuff. Evan is so cute. All of my boys have been chunkers (Zach was 20 lbs. at 4 months) and I got those same comments. I loved the rolls though, and it makes 'em tougher when their siblings "accidentally" bonk them or something. They thin out when they start moving anyway. Congrats to Tait!!! We have lots of CPA's in my Dad's family (including my dad) and I know that is one hard test. I still remember when he passed it...that's how exciting it was.

Shelley & Jake said...

Congrats, Tait! That is so exciting. I hope that someday we will have a "real" life too! ha ha! I love that Evan is chunky because it gives me hope for a fat baby eventually. Instead of my babies it's just me that gets fat. As for vacations, my vote is for a South American beach. That's what I always want to do in the winter, although Phoenix winters aren't that bad anyway. Costa Rica is supposed to be extremely nice. New York is fun, but pretty cold that time of year.

Palmer's said...

Cruises are worth every single penny! That is my suggestion. SOOOO FUN for you two!

Jake and Emily said...

Wow Bethy! I have been trying to track you down too, but didn't really know how. Gosh, 4 kids, and still as beautiful as ever! I always knew you would be such a great mom and wife. It seems like everuthing is just great with you. Your kids are beautiful. I'm so happy to find you. I will e-mail you soon, but we still don't have a computer, I'm at the library right now. With my kids, and it's not much fun. I can't wait to catch up!