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Monday, April 14, 2008

Orchids, Jamacian cab drivers, Screaming Ladies, slime

Well we had a very eventful weekend!! Macy, Emily, and I threw our First Annual Mom and Daughter Ladies Night! 18 people, 9 of whom were screaming 6 year old girls in their pj's! We made pizzas, banana splits, painted our nail and did facials and watched Enchanted. It was tons 'o' fun and it was good to spend a little time with Macy and watching her with her friends. We don't do b-day parties untill 8 years old so this was her first party with her friends. It was beautiful outside of course and so I kept shooing the screaming ladies outside to play...what is it about little girls and their high pitched screaming? I think it is in the DNA to squeal and giggle...I am sure I wasn't that way :)! By the way, Em was mad that I wouldn't paint her nails for a third was way past her bedtime. Saturday, tait and I got to go out on a date...the weather was really nice so we decided to go to Tempe town lake and then get dinner on Mill. It was very nice, all was peaceful we were strolling down Mill when all of the sudden we were jerked out ofour blissful state by two drunkards and a cab. The drunk guy wouldn't pay the cab driver so they started going at it--punches flying, drunk guy stumbling, drunk girl screaming and crying and falling all over the place. Tait and some other guys went over to try to diffuse the situation untill the police got there--I was the designated 911 caller (my contribution to helping a jamaican cab driver). when the guys would start fighting Tait would yell--"hey, the cops are on thier way!", the drunk guy (who was huge but very topsy therfore easy to push around) would turn and say "huh?" in that drunk guy fashion and this would give the cabbie a chance to get in a good shot--this happened multiple times. Anyway, the cops got there and the drunkard tried to run away but...yeah who are we kidding...drunk guys run? Ha so they got him and Tait and I bunched up our super hero capes back under our civilian clothes and went to find some refreshment after a hard day of crime fighting! Yet another reason to stay away from alcohol kids...lesson learned. excuse the typos, I am holding a little one and trying to fend off the not-so-little ones.

So for the past three years we have been killing one tree after the other. The first was a ficus tree that got frozen to death. The second, an burned in the summer. The third, a birthday present for me, an Orchid tree...we thought that we had lost it and then tah dah blossoms!! Our yard look so nice now tons of flowers and nice green grass. Thanks mostly to Irene and Tobi for helping us while I was having a baby. It should look nice for a little bit longer untill it is too hot for anything to survive outside. Why do I live here again? Oh yes because of the slime . Okay not such a good transition...but Macy fell (and by fell I mean pushed by her loving scientist brother-reference to previous post) into the "lake/pond/sess pool" at Greenfield Park. She has green slime all over her and she was, shockingly, upset. To make matters worse she had to ride all the home in her wet underwear...45 minutes for us. I felt so bad for her. Collin was apologizing all the way home and Macy was ignoring him all the way home which led to mom and dad hearing "mom, macy won't talk to me" screamed from the back of the van all the way home , which led to a lengthy discussion on forgiveness and a need for a mom timeout when we got home. 45 minutes never went as slow as it does when trapped in a car with fighting children. Happy b-day Tara! The end.


Tassi Smith said...

I have thought doing a girls night out with Brooklyn would be fun at our house. But I think a bunch of 3-4 yr old girls throwing tantrums would be worse than a house full of squealing 6 year old girls.

I was on the phone with my mom when the big push came. My mom told me the details from the warning a few minutes beforehand and the walk of shame with his head hung low.

Palmer's said...

Bethany, you are a go getter. Do you ever stop? :) Sounds like an eventful weekend! Macy looks just like you...I think. Things are starting to blossom here too...I LOVE IT! Spring is here!!!! :)

Erin said...

We had so much fun at the Girls night, and I LOVE the pic on your header of your family, Way cute!