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Friday, May 16, 2008

Catch up on life

Well I have been out of the blog world for a little bit and I have some fun things to catch up on...just some pics of my fun kiddos!

Emily falling asleep on a trip to Mesa--a frequent occurence!My "Dynamice Duo" otherwise known as the Double D's, were running around the house like this just before bed the other night, they just make me laugh!Chelsea spent some time building a fort with my kids before she left for the MTC--oh update...she is gone...she left less than two weeks after she got her call to Rochester, NY. Needless to say she was a little shocked into the missionary world!
Me with the kids...Tait thinks it's funny how expressive I get when I read to the kids...I think that he forgot that this camera takes still shots and it wouldn't quite be as funny as he had hoped.

My funny boys, they seem to fall asleep in weird situations... notice Collins pretty parasol! Sorry that I forgot to turn those two! evan has been really tired lately and lukcily he will fall asleep wherever he is...the 4th child...the one in the backyard Tait was mowing the lawn and I thought it was funny that there he was just sleeping outside, but then I got mad because sometimes the kids throw rocks into the grass that we don't see and they fly out from under the lawn mower, so I had to scold Tait for putting our sons life in danger! :) Well, that is it, sorry that I don't have some big exciting things to share, we are just living life and we are blessed with so many tender mercies like these ones that make life easier and remind me why I love each little munchkin in my life--including the guy who almost killed our son, he's a pretty okay guy too! :)

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Shelley & Jake said...

Your kids play together so cute! Isn't that so rewarding? I love it on the occasions it happens at my house. I hope my kids like each other better when they get older!