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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reflections of Christ

These are pictures that are taken by a local photograher displayed at the Mesa Temple, it is even cooler in person but check out this link for a slide show!
I went to go see it last week for an enrichment activity and I was blown away by the Spirit that I was much needed and very appreciated, so thanks to the photographer!


Crissybug said...

First of all...I love your header! What a great family picture! It probably has been here forever...I have been out of the blog commenting latley.

Anyway, Reflections of Christ is awesome! Did you know that Robbie was the one who framed all the pictures? It was really neat to hear some 'behind the scenes' things about it through Julie and Robbie.

Becca said...

I saw the reflections thing from Robbie's website. It was beautiful. I wish I lived closer to enjoy. Will the display still be around this summer. I'm coming out for 2 weeks in July.

Smith Clan said...

OMGOSH!!!!!! I am having a moment. I found your link on Jeni Loveland's blog. Look at your cute self & all 4 of those cute kids. Macey was tiny when I last saw her. She is beautiful just like her mommy. Anyway, I'm rambling. Hope you are doing okay.
Hannah Smith (maybe you remember me)
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