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Monday, June 30, 2008

Wow it's been a while

So I haven't written in a while. Life happens I guess. No, actually I won't pretend like I have been uber busy (if you have ever wondered what that means it means 'over' in Deutsch- that means German) I have just pretty much been hanging out with my kids, watching movies and playing with friends and thought I would take a break from the blog world. But then it happened...I got tagged by my Sister in law Tatum...and at risk of offending, I will oblige. Read on if you are interested. If not, then, what the heck are you doing on my blog!?!
I've been tagged....A-Z about me
A*age-28--what? When did that happen?!

B*birthday-October 3rd
C*candy or cake-cake
D*dessert you love-any with sugar :)
E*easiest person to talk to-don't know--I don't really like to talk much.
F*favorite song-Baby got sauce
G*gold or silver-silver
H*habit-I bounce my leg, that's from my Dad
I*instruments you play-piano and I am learning the guitar
J*Job title-mommy, mommy, mommy
K*kids-I can't remember, they won't hold still long enough to count
L*love or lust-stupid question
M*Married, single or taken-another stupid question
N*next to you-a travel book on new york/ phone/ and a stack of pictures that need to be placed in an album but are currently covered in a thin player of dust
O*one wish-happiness forever, no more worries, and...of course world peace--oh wait that's three
P*person you called last-my friend Jill
Q*Quotes-myself, I am totally deep
R*reasons to smile-the travel book next to me
S*steak or pork-steak wrapped in a side of bacon
T*turns you on-what is that--I'm too tired to answer that question :)
U*unique talent-I can raise one eyebrow and my arms are double jointed
W*woke up at what time-6:30, my husband let me sleep in!
X*xrays you have had-foot, well really just my toe but you can't have one without the other (now I am singing the theme from Married with children, great-ha now you are too! mission accomplished)
Y*your favorite color-red, blue
Z*zodiac sign-libra Emily, Lisa (if she is done being gone from the blog world), and Jill

So we are leaving for the 4th so I will try to do something cool and catch it on film so I have something to post. Out-Bethany


Jake and Emily said...

I LOVE reading your blogs. It gives me a little piece of my friend that I so dearly miss. You are the best! Don't give up on the blogging world yet.

Tatum said...

Ya don't worry, you wouldn't offend me if you didn't do the tag. I do it cause I feel bad not doing it, but who the heck cares if we do it or not. But I enjoyed learning about your ABC's. haha

Leslie said...

Wow-how random of a connection is that? (Through Jake and Emily!) Your family picture is so cute. Fun to hear how you guys are doing.

The Pettit Family said...

You are hilarious! I loved reading about you. Happy Independence Day!

Family of Five said...

Hey Rudds! This is the Price family from back in your BYU ward days! Just found a link to your blog from the Bundrock's and thought I would stop in and say hi! 4 kids now-wow! And I can't even belive that is Macey! She was just a baby last we saw here. Cute family! Hope all is well!

Marquita said...

Aww, Bethany, you never fail at making me laugh! You're sooo funny!