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Friday, August 22, 2008

My Tater Tot

So this morning I think I made my husband feel badly because I mowed the lawn and changed the air filter...he has been working a lot (another busy season!)and hasn't had time to get it done, so I did it this morning. Because of this I have decided to give him (and the general blog stalking community) a little gift...

Why Tait is the best husband I have ever had:

1. He does better than anyone else that I know at putting his family before anything else in his life. EX: he is willing to take crap and get less "glory" at work to be the husband and dad that he wants to be...I know this is hard for him
2. He gets up early to study his scriptures and get the kids up and fed so that I can have 20 or so more minutes to sleep.
3. When he has to leave early in the A.M. he prepares his stuff for work the night before so that he can get ready in the kitchen as to not disturb his sleeping beauty
4. He never complains when it takes me two weeks to iron his pants...he will just keep wearing the same ones...or sneak the wrinkly one when I am not looking so he doesn't make me feel badly for slacking on the ironing.
5. He rubs my feet (and back) every night and never gets bugged when I complain about my gimpy toe pain
6. He does the dishes and cleans the house, without being asked I might add.
7. He allows me the freedom to do stuff with friends, or by myself, and he doesn't make me feel guilty about it!
8. He supports my hair-brained schemes, like when I told him I was going to remodel the garage to make playroom--he let me figure out all by myself that we would then need to move all of the storage into the house thus negating the purpose of a playroom, when he could have shot me down right away.
9. He takes on extra jobs so we can pay off school loans (including mine)
10. He starts thinking about my birthday months in advance
11. He thinks about his parenting and is always thinking about how he can be better
12. He makes me do our couple scripture study at night
13. He doesn't care if I am fat or skinny and he loves my hair however I have it cut at the time
14. He cleans toilet splatter after each use and puts the seat down
15. he is terrified of wasps...oh wait that isn't a reason I just think it's pretty dang funny and wanted to share it with you
16. He is excited to teach the sunbeams

17. He discovered Haagen Daz Chocolate Sorbet

18. Doesn't care how I decorate the house, he loves whatever I do

19.tell's me I am pretty BEFORE I get ready for the day
20. He is overcoming the biggest challenge of our lives and he is doing it with grace, humility, and with the Lord's help
21. He appreciates me---he really gets that my job is hard and he APPRECIATES me and acknowledges my contribution to the family and lets me know that I am important to the world, not just our world
22. He loves the Atonement and understands it better than anyone I have ever heard discuss it
23. He is better than me and he makes me want to meet him at his level
24. He is my very best friend in the whole world, there is no one that I would rather spend my days, nights, or eternity with.

So Tait, don't be upset that you couldn't mow the lawn and change the air filter today. I promise that I will let you do the dishes tonight...or perhaps the ironing that has been in the ready, set , go position for a week!
I love you, your kids love you and we appreciate your contribution to our lives!! Have a good day and we'll see you tonight!


Anonymous said...

I am trying not to cry here at work... thanks alot! I cannot even tell you how much I needed to hear (hear = read) that. I love you too!

Me (Me = Tait)

Emily K. said...

What a great post, Bethy. Having only met Tait once, this sounds just like him. I'm so glad you have such a great guy. But on the other hand of a great guy, is always a great gal. I really should appreciate my husband more. You have inspired me, thank you!

p.s. Gosh, I love this blog stuff. It feels like I am talking to you again. I never realized how much I have missed you until now.

Rhiannon said...

That was really sweet. I sometimes forget that guys have needs too. I often feel sad when I haven't been very aware to Mike's needs. But I know he is thinking about mine. Way to be a great Wife and Tait way to be a great husband. You guys are awesome.

Tatum said...

My personal favorite was the toilet splatter one. Honestly, you guys are great examples to me and I hope me and Chase can be as great of parents as you guys are. I have a pretty awesome brother don't I:) Tell Tait I love him...

Tatum said...

I have an awesome sister in law too:) Couldn't leave you out Bethany!

MJ said...

That was really great. I can just see Tait dressing in the kitchen. How sweet is that? Luckily, when I'm out, Kemery can pretty much yell and I won't wake up. Funny how all I have to hear is a child and I am right out of bed.

Lauren & Shaun said...

What a great husband you have! It is always hard to remember to let the ones you love, know who much they are aprreciated and loved! Way to give a great compliment to a awsome dad and husband!

Shelley & Jake said...

Hooray for Tait! And for you too, Bethany! You are a great lady and also a great wife. I did some long awaited home repairs for Father's Day, and Jake felt bad too. But he ended up catching me at it and we did it together. Point being, Tait, you are not alone!

Shelley & Jake said...

P.S. Evan has gotten so much bigger!

Smith Clan said...

You two are just a sweet couple. What nice things to say about your hubby!!!! Take care of each other.