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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Geneaology, I am doing it? My geneology

So today we are all sick (with the flu and yes it stinks) so we couldn't go to church. But, being the incredibly spiritually attune individuals that we are we decided to take some time when the kids were resting to do a little family history. Not only did we do it but we fasted and prayed that we would be led to who we needed to find. We spent hours at the computer this afternoon and these are the fruits of our labors. It is absolutely amazing the resemblance that there is through the branches of our family tree...take a look and may you be blessed and inspired to be as righteous as we. 1956








If you have caught the bug then all of that work paid off. We are so grateful for the time that we spent on our Sabbath Day searching these pictures out so that we could be blessed by fulfilling our duty as latter day saints and members of humanity. We are glad to see our tree grow and flourish. Have a peacefuland holy day.

the mocking attitude of the blogger are not to be taken seriously the blogger in no way sees family history as a joke the blogger knows how important family history work is and is awed by those who participate do not fret we are just bored on a sunday surrounded by puking children.


Abby said...

I love you much...People like you should never be allowed to own fancy computer programs.

Melting away in Phoenix said...

That is hilarious! Your work is amazing, I wish I could find that many relatives in an afternoon! You need to post your self photo that you gave as a gag gift a couple of years ago for the last picture! Funny stuff!

Emily K. said...

That's awesome!!

MJ said...

You are so worthy. If only everyone spent Sundays doing such important work.

Either you post your gag gift picture or maybe I will. HAHAHAHA! (Deceptive plan laugh. Kind of like Santa saying "HOHOHO!")

Smith Clan said...

I can almost picture you two laughing your heads off as you got those creative juices flowing. The pictures are a little scary. Love 'em.

Lauren & Shaun said...

That's awsome! I love it! You two are so cute and obviously ment to last the test of times!

Joel & Lisa Wagenman said...

Those pictures are disgusting! You guys are so funny! Joel and I were laughing our heads off! Bethany, the 1986 one of you is awesome. And I love the one with Tait's mullet. Gross. When are we going to get together?

Melting away in Phoenix said...

You've been tagged, check my blog out!!

Shelley & Jake said...

Wow! You are guys are so spiritual! Such an example to us all.