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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tag a wag a lag

THE FIVE...dun, dun, dun
10 years ago:
1. was at Ricks College living at the Riv (party at the Riv what up girls!)
2. was an idiot
3. pining over the loss of Tait Rudd to Poland...but it didn't last long ha ha!! j/k I love you babe!
4. had hair half way down my back
5. I was ten years younger
on to-do list:
1. put pics in respective photo album
2. transcribe for 1 more hour (I transcribe a radio show for the mystical shaman of the airwaves on the 7th wave network, I am learning all kinds of things)
3. finish my tag for my blog
4.roast chiles for green chile burros for dinner
5. Put awesome pictures of my baby up on the wall that I just got taken and he is so cute I want to eat him up and I just can't stand it!!!
snacks I enjoy:
1. licorice
2. chocolate chip cookies
3. almonds
4. craisins
5. whatever sweet thing is in my line of sight, unfortunately.
things I do if I was a millionaire:(this is my fave thing to do!)
1. pay off school loans
2. buy land in...somewhere cool, green, and in the west
3. buy houses for both parents
4. invest money for kids college, missions, weddings and a little surprise for them when we die
5. buy something from Nordstrom, guilt free
places I have lived:
1. Alaska
2. Idaho
3. Colorado (born and lived for 10 days...does that count)
4. West Virginia (Elkins and Davis)
5. Virginia
6. Austria
7. Arizona
jobs I have had:
1. waitress
2. nanny
3. counselor at wilderness camp for troubled teens
4. counselor at abuse shelter for women and children
5. photag for Duke Photography
people I tag:
1. Tatum
2. Stephanie
3. Lisa
4. Lindsay
5. Emily


The Mighty Rudds said...

You are so cool! You are the best lady I have ever met!

Emily K. said...

First of all, you don't have to do the tag either. Pretty similar. Second, you were not an idiot! (I am thinking Owen and Luke come to mind?) Third, We live somewhere cool, and green, and when you get your million dollars, can I go to Nordstrom's with you?

By the way, Macie is so gorgeous, and looks just like you. Bet you two are excited when she gets old enough to date!!