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Saturday, September 6, 2008

In the words of Frank Sinatra: Good Morning Life

So we have had a VERY LONG summer! Macy just started school this last week! It's like the old days when school actually started in reference:see you in september see you when the summer's through oo oo oo oo...She is going to a new charter school that wasn't finished being built and with al the rain that had gotten the lst few weeks things kept getting pushed back, and pushed now she is officially in school. However, getting to this point has been an adventure. Here are a few pics of some of the things we have done to pass the long, HOT, summer days.

WE all had the flu...that was fun...okay don't think I am horrible but sometimes it is nice when your kids are sick, but they have to be sick enough to not be whiny or else then it's just..well kind of hellish to be frank. So was this last bought bad enough, judge from the pics yourself.

We rode the 7 avoid the sun at all costs...and only for a few minutes at a time. Collin is a sweater and he refuses to ride without a helmet (good thing I guess) which makes it worse.

We celebrated Collin's 4th b-day and Tait and I took him on his birthdate to Rainforest Cafe'---he L-O-V-ed it! He ran up to the entrance and we had to literally run to stay up with him. I also made this stuck to the pan (because I am lazy and didn't use flour and also impatient and didn't let it cool enough)...however, a few blobs of frosting and some construction toys from the draw and TAH-DAH we have a construction cake....

We went to BIG Surf (thank you TARA and Collin's Comfort Master)! My kids are the B-E-st!I didn't take pics there cause it was the first time in years that I was able to actually go on water slides so we were a bit too be busy living life to take pics of others living it for us!

I have no idea where I was when this happened but there is was on my camera...does it mean that I am a bad mother if I think it's kind of cute? I have no idea what happened but it pretty much represents the majority of Evan's life thus far, he is always getting stuck in random plces because he tries to follow the sibs--here he is behind the chair between a stuffed bear and all of the big balls in our house.
Somewhere along the way Evan learned to do THIS!! NOOOOOO!! I am not ready for this little guy to be big. He is way too precious. My favorite thing is his dimples and his fat little neck that is so kissable!!

Macy has been really into taking pictures and I think she took all of these...Collin has really gotten into "reading" Emily stories, as crazy as those two are they are going to be great friends (when their not fighting that is)! Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent these two to us when he did, they have saved me in my turmoil countless times. Sending up the thanks!

I was going a little stir crazy one night so Macy and I went to go see American had already left the major theaters so we had to drive to BFE to find a theater. It was fun, we got dinner at Souper Salad and then saw the movie--we even splurged and got T-R-E-A-ts! She fell "asleep" (she was faking) in the car and wanted to me carry her in...she isn't exactly little anymore so it took more than a little effort to keep her feet from dragging on the ground.

This was fun! We invited some friends over and had a movie theater. Macy spent the whole day before making signs and making a plan of how it all would work. We went to the dollar store and bought movie candy (including the sickest cotton candy in a bag that I have ever had, although I'm not a big fan anyway so take it for what it's worth) and she set up a whole concession stand. I had worked it out with my friend to have our kids earn monopoly money to buy candy and treats at the snack bar so they all came iwth money to get tickets and candy. Macy gave us all jobs and it was so fun!! Good way to pass a day!

She is definitely my daughter--Emily dancing like a crazy woman to a sing a long movie--we do this often but I rarely catch dancing in action like this!

Good story:
Who: Macy and Emily
Where: Our city, our house, their bedroom
When:after bathtime on night that Tait worked later
What: very tired, very long day,went into the girls tub to find them, gone, walked past their closed door, peeked in, saw this, snuck to get camera and caught this A-M-A-Z-ing scene...dressed, teeth brushed, Macy being such a big help...when did she get this big!
Why: tender mercy from the big guy, sending up the thanks!

You know for all of the C-R-A-P that life can throw at you, my life is pretty W-O-N-D-E-R-ful.


The Mighty Rudds said...

Seriously, I don't know how you do are just the greatest. You are my favorite self ever.

Tassi Smith said...

Holy cow! You just threw up your whole summer in one post. Amazing! i bet Tait still liked the cotton candy. I always remember him getting it every time we went to a carnival. Can't wait to see your family.

Melting away in Phoenix said...

You are so awesome! You totally crack me up every time I look at your blog! Thanks for ALWAYS having the perfect balance of humor and sentimental info! You are the greatest:)

Shelley & Jake said...

Great post! Collin's face is so cute! I love the birthday cake - what a creative mom! You are looking skinnier and skinnier and I am getting fatter and fatter. I also loved the Macy/Emily bed time pics. Sigh . . . someday!

Lauren & Shaun said...

Super cute! You all look like you are having a great time... A happy family and an eternal family! You guys always look like you are having a blast whatever you are doing!

Palmer family said...

Amen..your final statement is true!
Macy is getting so big...she's almost as tall as you!
What a cute Mom I am sure you are!
Cute blog. I need to get with the program and update mine!!