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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Van Dance Challenge

I got set up on a date by one of my friends was with his wife...did I scare you? So we were sitting there at Carrabas enjoying yumma diddle food that someone else cooked, served, and cleaned up after and we were discussing how fun we are. Yeah right. Really we were laughing at how when you don't have your kids in the car you get about half-way to your destination before you realize that you can turn off the ABC's (sung on the same CD in about 17 different personal fave is the ABC polka cause it reminds me of dancing with my room mate Jolene Buckley! ;)) and jam out to some groovy adult tunage. So you are driving along head banging, drumming on the steering wheel, the whole nine.
Then for a split second you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of a tanker semi (yes just like on CARS, kind of ironic that that would be my reference. Oh and by the way if you have a car DVD player, you can turn that off too and maybe turn on Britney's "I'm a Slave For You" video--come on I know you wanna!)and you realize that you are still driving a light blue Honda Odyssey, and while the Honda may be the cooler of the mini vans, it is a mini van nonetheless.
You have a sudden jolt that goes through your body as you relize that no matter how cool you may think you are, you still have dried spit up on your shoulder that you failed to notice before leaving the house and you might tell yourself that you need to wear your wedding ring so that no one will hit on you but really you just need to bust out with a dance in your minivan and that should deter any would be players.
There really is no going back. So ladies and blogger dad's (weird) bang, drum, and van dance until your heart is content and when that tanker drives by just check how great your shimmey has gotten after breastfeeding four kids!!


Marquita said...

Bethany, your posts are always sooo entertaining.

And yes, I am very close to my Uncle. Thanks for your comments and your prayers!

Tassi Smith said...

That is so funny. I hope we can do some van dancing when we come into town. Can't wait to see you guys.

Tawni said...

That is soo dang funny!
I was dying.
Sad thing is that it is all true!
We use to be cool, what on earth happened to us??
Oh yes, kids!

Anonymous said...
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Emily K. said...

Have I told you lately how much I miss you? I love your posts, and I just need to get together with you, girl!!! Sorry, Jake doesn't believe in minivans, but I remember the polka days!!!

Sarah said...

I'm either mean or just really cool since I rarely play kids CDs in the car. Mostly it has to do with the fact that for over three years our CD player was broken in the car (I guess when your kid shoves a penny in it, it's bound to not work) and I'm still not use to having one that works. So instead of rocking out to the ABC's (or the Island Princess Soundtrack in my kids' case), I overhead Haydan singing along to a FLYLEAF tune the other day. Not to mention the fact that she loves "I kissed a Girl and I liked it" song. She calls it the rock out song. I'm such a lovely influnence on my children...

My radio duh moment, is when I get halfway to where I'm going and wonder why I'm still listening to sports talk radio. Thanks Dan!

I had a funny memory of you the other day. I was attempting to cook a tortilla on the stove - right there on the burner, sans pan - when I caught a whiff of it burning and had a flash of flaming tortillas flying into the snow!

Melting away in Phoenix said...

Okay, I think you have to be the funniest, most creative blogger I have seen/read! I ALWAYS get a kick out of your writing! I am with you all the way,t he the music:)