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Monday, September 29, 2008

Lessons from a white trash birthdate

The shoes: fashion statement the world is not quite ready for.

The ramp: don't bowl without it.

Numero Uno: loopy after 9 p.m.

Gutter balls with bumpers: still possible.

Victory at the alley: no better time to dance

Happy Birthdate to Numero Uno! Thanks for joining us girl!


Marquita said...

Happy Birthday to such a cute girl!

Yes, I need your address and stuff. I think you gave it to me a while ago, but my computer went crazy.

I'm a little crazy sometimes, but I promise I'll never kidnap you or your family! lol

Smith Clan said...

I love the last picture. You guys are so funny. I remember Macy when she was crawling. She is the only one that I saw as a baby, but boy was she a cutie.

Tassi Smith said...

Yea!! Happy Birthday to Macy Lane. You guys are silly.

Emily K. said...

I'm loving the vest and jeans combo you have on. How do you find time to be so stylish with 4 kids? I swear I have lost that side of me completely. I have very similar bowling pictures of us when we were in college. Love the faces!!

Abby said...

Holy giant 6-year-old girl! What happened to my cute little niece? When did she turn into such a beautiful big girl? Happy belated b-day, Macy Laner! I love you!