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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the -!?

So go here and get fired up about this new law...then go here

and sign so that we can stop said firing up law then

post this on your blog so that more people can get fired up and then sign...this ticks me off...conspiracy with a little side of obvious.


Jamie said...

Sorry, I followed your links and tried to get fired up...but I couldn't figure out what about. Maybe I am have given in to the stupidity today!

Irene said...

This was the subject on KTAR the other day (sorry, I'm a KTAR junkie). The reason for all of this is because of the ban on stuff coming from China. Very frustrating! I love the picture at the top and the snow pictures! Love you guys!

the little Vinings ; ) said...

how dumb! I was reading your links and found a few more through google, I don't understand why we are all of a sudden going to regulate products that don't contain lead. This is a waste of money on a lot of levels, to the supplier, to the consumer, to the tax payer, etc. If there is such a huge problem of lead based toys, then and we want to regulate this more, then let's do it on a more productive level, like the toy makers in china! Let's not hit the little guys! Ohh, sorry I am on my soap box, but I am trying to get into selling products now, and it is so hard with all the hoops you have to jump through, so I am a little more irrate about such topics!