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Friday, January 16, 2009

who doesn't love a love letter?!

Okay so I am preparing to get ready to think about our annual love letter, which is a letter o' love sent out in lou of a Christmas card..if you would like to recieve one of these fabulously lovey love letters please email your home address to my junk mail email address:

Not that your address is junk but do I really want to put my personal email up here?--no.

I will alert the server to be prepared for a outpouring of activity on my account as I know it will be jam packed with addresses--oh yeah and leave your name too--if I don't know you you will not be getting one; unless you would like to send me 43 cents or whatever postage is up to these days.

The letter will include but not limited to: a picture, awesome information about how awesome my awesome kids are, lovey stuff, etc...

Tempting I know but who doesn't love a love letter?


Tassi Smith said...

I am so excited to get a love letter.

Palmer family said...

you have my address already, right? I loved your letter last year! Fun idea to send them out in Feb. and not Dec.

Joe & Jill said...

hey its Jill Buckley. And yes.... that is my husbands sister. her email address is
Good luck! have fun!