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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A whole lotta shakin' goin' on

So it has been busy around here.

Last week Quatro had a seizure-like episode...but contrary to the title and to what people might think there was no shakin' goin' on. He went completely limp and was non-responsive for a few minutes while drooling, white skin, and eyes rolling was very scary. So naturally I took him to the ER ($50). Luckily I was at my in-laws house so I could leave the other kiddos there and go quickly. So long story short they needed to check out him brain...and EEG. So to PCH we went but not before an appointment at the pediatricians ($20) and about three hours on the phone with the insurance company (on hold and a approximately 1.234 years off of my life because of stress of having to listen to the stupid recorded message about how my call is important to them blah, blah, blah, blah...idiots do they think that really works, cause it didn't for me), neurologists office, was fun. So we went to get the EEG and they were able to get us in the same week which apparently is unheard of so apparently the sacrifice of years off of my life was a good enough threat to get in sooner.

Here were the instructions:

1. He must be sleep-deprived...yeah that was it just that one but what a one. How exactly do you keep a 14 month old up for 8 hours on only 5 hours of sleep.
We had to drive our other kids to the Mesa to be watched and then back to the seat, sun streaming in, ever so slight rocking motion and vibrations from the hum of the odyssey engine...perfect circumstances for keeping a little one awake right? Wrong, we had to pull over three times to wake him up. Anyway, we got there adn then had to wait (another 2 years-gone) and wait. Then he got to go in...they massaged his head to clean it all up so the sticky stuff would stick and then they blew bubbles in his face hoping to distract him from the pumice like gel they were rubbing on him, then they got out a really obnoxious toy (the kind that makes noise with every jiggle and button and is supposed to sound like animal noises but really every animal sounds like a garbled version of a turkey being chased--if my kid grows up thinking that a cow and a dog sound like a garbled version of a turkey I am going to sue cause you can't get ahead in life with that kind of misguided education) to keep his hands busy so he wouldn't grab at the white glue like substance that was supposed to keep the sensors on. My son has very fast hands...he will not be dating until after his mission. It is too bad that the sensors weren't supposed to be on my neck, arms, and rapidly disappearing bosoms (did I mention I am almost done nursing-yep and you know what that more shimmy shimmy shake for me, it is now more about the shoulder shake) because they were all covered in white goo dots from his very quick rubs of the head. I don't blame him it would drive me crazy too. Keep in mind too that he has been sleep deprived so he is really not thinking clearly. Poor buds. So it all got done, they wrapped his little (if 75%tile is little---no I did not have a c-section...and women everywhere just crossed their legs with a slight grimace of pain- or at least I did). They let me give him a bottle and he fell asleep sitting up in my lap and then the test began...they let him sleep for all of 30 minutes and then revived the poor kid and made him play more with the garbled turkey chasing toy.
After all of that there was not sign of anything dangerous and after waiting an hour to see the Neurologist he immediately heard that he went white during his "seizure like episode" and ruled out any brain malfunction. It was probably a very extreme reflux episode. HUH?!

Stupid, stupid, stupid...I gave up years off my life for that and my son now thinks that cows say glahabahehthle.


Emily K. said...

Yes, don't you just love Doctors? I'm sorry you had to go through that, especially with your little baby. When they trying to figure out what was wrong with Rohne, he went through so many unnecessary tests, just for them to come up empty-handed. We are still paying for those lovely tests, and will be for awhile. I'm sorry about your bosoms. I love pregnant, and nursing breasts, and my husband really really does too. (Can I say that on the blog?) Us women without full figured ones need to stick together!

Jamie said...

oh my heck!! That sounds awful, I am so sorry! So, reflux, has he ever had that before? It just seems like a really weird diagnosis!

Shelley said...

What a horrible, rotten headache! But in the end, thank heavens he is all right!

MJ said...

That is ridiculous. I went through a similar thing with Bowen, only it was when he was 4 months old and it wasn't a brain or seizure thing. He had blood in his stool and they said he could have a stomach "problem". I say it like that because he didn't have any problem and showed no symptoms of having a problem, but I went through the same mess at PCH (wait times, etc.)to get some stomach scan and while I am super happy he was fine, as a mother, I already knew he was. We stopped seeing that pediatrician.

We are glad quatro is doing fine. Don't you love how the neurologist ruled it out AFTER you went through the test, from the same initial info you gave them before. It's like Who asked him before they tested your son?

the little Vinings ; ) said...

Ohhh, I am so sorry that your little guy had to go through such a sad and tramatizing day. At least it isn't anything major, but like you said... all that headache for you and creating all this camotion for it to be nothing, how frustrating! At least he is all good.

Palmer family said...

Sounds like a nightmare. I am sorry! No fun. Hope it doesn't happen again and that it was just a fluke of some sort!?? Poor little guy.
My kids are all born with enormous heads! Ugh. Let me tell's getting me really excited for #4 to be born in just two weeks! Ahhhh. It doesn't get any easier. Oh well. It's worth it!!

Hancock Fam said...

Oh my goodness how perfectly scary - I'm so glad to hear he's doing well now though. The real question is, how are you doing after all of that? Give your little guy a squeeze - and insist he gives you one back. Hugs to all of you guys!