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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No love...?

Okay so I will not be sending out love letters this year. ( I'll wait while you wipe the tears from your eyes.)

Here is why...

Reason #1: I decided to take Uno to The Lion King at was awesome...the show and the company. I love that Uno is getting old enough to enjoy this kind of stuff and young enough to still love to go with her way uncool, old mom.

Reason #2: I surprised hubby with a grown up trip DISNEYLAND!!!! A pre tax busy season/ post nursing trip that we really needed! It rainedon and off...we wore ponchos...there were no lines...really NO was blissful. I got the hankering for D-land and so my Sister's in law took the kids and I grabbed Tait after work and we left friday and came back Saturday night! It was the first time in 8 years that I have not been prego or nursing and so I actually got to enjoy myself and ride more then just the teacups and toads wild was like I grew up on this trip to seems the adults were having all the fun all along at Disneyland.

Yes, I know Tait's eyes are closed but this was the only one where I looked okay and isn't that what is most important?
Did you know that coats and raincoats have disappeared from stores by February 7th in AZ--jealous? You should be until you need to buy one for a rainy trip to CA, then it stinks when you have to buy a plastic D-backs, no insulation, no hood jacket that really couldn't keep you warm or dry if your life depended on it.

I don't know why we took a pic in front of Cali Adventure...we didn't go there. But hubby was pleased with his leaning ability---you thought that was editing magic-- but no, he can really lean like that all by himself!! :)
Here is how the day ended. What more can you ask for really?
Oh I know what you can ask for...more money to use to send out love letters! No such luck.
So please forgive my misuse of family funds (but it was totally worth it). Just know it is not for a lack of love only lack of fundage and self control.


Jamie said...

I am so jealous! I am still on the nursing-pregnant bandwagon. Well, just the nursing half. Someday Dave and I will go on a trip alone together...

Mama Megs said...

We just went to disneyland! It was so much fun-we felt like kids in a candy store. But I was still nursing and totally felt was teacups and toads wild ride all the way for me-uggh!

Emily K. said...

What fun you guys have had! Can you believe I have never, ever been to Disneyland? We say we will go all the time, but have never made it. Maybe the first time I go, we will invite you guys, and we can enjoy it together. You look happy in these pictures!!

Palmer family said...

Looks like a fun one-day getaway to CA for you and Tait! Good for you guys.
You and numero uno look a lot alike by the way!

Joel & Lisa Wagenman said...

Bethy, I love your no-self-control. That's what makes you fun! Love the pics. What a cute idea to take your #1 on a mommy daughter date. She'll remember that forever.

Melting away in H... said...

Sweet! I thought that our trip by ourselves this summer was going to be weird, but I totally agree with you that it was the funnest time. We were able to have SO much fun enjoying the rides and each other. I am glad you guys were able to go!!

Shelley said...

I think that was a wise use of funds! How fun and spontaneous! By the way, I loved talking with you too, and I'm definitely down with moving to Phoenix. I love the desert. We just have to convince Jake - right now his heart is set on TX, last month it was Vegas, and two months before that it was the Pacific Northwest. I can't keep up with the man!