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Friday, February 13, 2009

A window to his soul

Okay so I have two little windows to open that will give you a little peek into the kind of man my hubby really is...there will be no pics of these two times discussed because they are packed (did I mention that we are moving...more on that later) but I promise they are really good stories plus they embarrass hubby which make them even better. Window number one:

Our first married Valentines day 2001. We had just moved to Provo, UT. It was inversion season (really really sucky, especially if you are used to the valley of the sun) which basically translated means the season of sunless/ skyless/ fresh airless misery. We had no money and I had left a really good job behind at U of A as a research assistant and he had left a really high paying job working with computers...he was selling his blood for heaven's sake and working at BRG call center...and you may wonder what I was doing. Well I was curled up in the fetal position on the floor writhing in nosious pain because I was 6 weeks into growing Uno. You may ask why I didn't lay on a couch or something and that is because we didn't have one...a piano, yes, a TV, yes, a very hard and very large old wooden rocking chair, yes but no couch (oh and two plaster decorative columns that were a wedding gift). Hubby was, at the time, trying to land a job at a furniture store which eventually lead to us purchasing a couch but that was much later and not really part of this story. We had only been married two months and we were still adjusting to that whole new life. Needless to say, I was depressed, we both were. Valentine's Day was fast approaching and the V-day celebrations of the past loomed in my memory. You know the ones where you had money to spend on each other and you could see the sun! As the day grew closer my morning sickness got worse, I couldn't concentrate on my studying and I wanted to go back to AZ so bad! In fact I think we actually planned on moving back a few times that month (SOOOOOO glad we didn't! The whole exp. is a still a treasure to me and the people we met are---amazing). Here comes the good part.

Keep in mind I didn't find out about this until a little over a year ago and I was shocked that he did this.

Hubby actually went to restaurants in Provo and Orem asking if they would donate a dinner for two to he and his sick wife...keep in mind this is Provo, everyone is poor, pregnant, and pathetic...but that didn't stop him. He took rejection after rejection after rejection just to try to please his sad, depressed wife, on Valentine's Day. Sweet right?

Oh and you may be wondering how it all turned out...

We had BBQ chicken and baked potatoes with a chocolate silk pie (you know the kind you make with pudding!:) ) on a cardboard box with a pillowcase over it (because we also had no kitchen table) by candlelight. Still the best V-day we have ever had.
Window number two: another goody
Some of you may know that hubby and I have known each other since we were the ripe old age of 14, although then I didn't call him hubby, I called him hubby to be (ha ha). Back in the old days when we were in 9th grade at good old BJH he was a football player, I, a cheerleader (wow, it's out there, yes I was a cheerleader but only for one year so don't hold it against me) and we liked each other but not until after he had liked my best friend Lisa Merrell which is how we met, thanks Lisa for being attracted to my hubby so that I could meet him! During this age, you may remember, the cool thing was to ask people to "go out with you". Now this did not mean what you may think, afterall we were only 12 and being a good mormon girl we did not date until we are 16, it really meant, "will you say yes and then not talk to me again until we break up" He asked me on February 15th after I had given him a Big Hunk bar for Valentine's Day (man i was just as cheesy then, some things never change) My reply was, yes. The whole how he asked me thing is also a funny story but that is not for today. Anyway, he asked me at school and later that night I had to babysit.

After I had put the kids in bed I hear a knock on the door. weird...I looked out and saw him standing there. His mom had driven him over to this familys house to give me a present. It was a rose and a card that read " soemthing, something, I am really glad we are going out, something, let's have a great relationship!" I would quote it verbatem but, like I said stuff is packed. I grabbed the stuff, blushed, mumbled something about thanks blah, blah just as I closed the door in his face. I was to say the least, mortified.

I don't know why but I was horribly embarrassed that I had a boyfriend. I am the oldest girl in my family and we'll just say that my developing milestones were great teasing material for my brothers, who surrounded me in age. So I was trying in my little 14 year old brain to figure out how in the world I was going to get this card and this single, baby's breath in celophane rose home without anyone noticing. So I chucked the baby's breath, and the green sprig, and the celophane, and the stem of the rose and up the blossom of the rose in the card and squished it and then slid the lumpy little package into the front of my pants under my shirt and sucked in really hard.

I still have that card and that rose and I still have every card and rose that he has given me since then. Every year since we were 14 years old on February 15th whether we were liking each other or not, whether we were even still hanging out in the same group or not, I have gotten a rose and a card from my hubby. Even on his mission he had sent my friend the card and had her buy a rose and drop the gift off at my Rick's College apartment for me to find.
These are two reason's why when it came time to choose a hubby (out of my many suitors :) ), it was basically a no brainer.

Happy Valentine's Day


Crissybug said...

What great stories. 'Hubby' is a great guy! Thanks for sharing such sweet moments between the two of you.

And you are moving??? Where? and When?

Kim said...

Cute!! I love reading your posts they are well written.

Shirley said...

Cute stories . . . I'm glad that his persistence paid off with the Valentine's dinner!

Tassi Smith said...

We taught him well. However I could open a few more windows to his brother soul.

Becca said...


Rhi said...

I love to read your stories. You and Tait are the cutest couple.
Good luck in your move.

The Clawsons said...

i love that you still have all of those things, too. right back at ya with the cheesy missing having you around thing. you make me blush! but really, i loved my barren corner of the world out there in az, as yet to be duplicated. anyway, where ya moving? once upon a time you talked about utah, so please please please let me know if you guys need help! we even have a place for you to stay!

Joel & Lisa Wagenman said...

We were so awesome in Jr. High! But don't give me all the credit for bringing you guys together - FATE would have found a way :). Also, I think you should retitle this post to say "A window to his love"...since that's what we sang and Tait's miss. farewell. ha, ha!!!

Jamie said...

That is really sweet! Go hubby!

Emily K. said...

A window to his love, a doorway to he truth, a bearer of the message. . . I really can't remember anymore, but I do remember that song from many years ago each Sunday morning. I vaguely remember that Valentine's day too. I think you and Jo were the only ones who got valentines, and we were so jealous. So, you're moving out to the Pacific Northwest? Thank you.