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Thursday, March 19, 2009

bunched panties

I am aggravated to day for a few reasons. I will vent now.
1-I am sick. I never get sick. I usually just ignore it, take a pill and go on with my day. It is not working. Mom's aren't allowed to get sick. I have managed to avoid it for a number of years. It has caught up with me. I guess this is my punishment for not being pregnant, my body will get me one way or another.

2-It is almost 90 degrees here. This is aggravating. It is March. It should be 76 degrees. This is the time of year that makes up for the 6 months of hell that we endure here in the summer/ fall/ part of winter. You can blame it on global warming if you want to. I tend to lean more toward cyclical environmental changes but whatever. I have a tendency to beleive the opposite of whatever Leonardo Dicaprio is preaching. Remember he isn't really the "King of the World" that was just a movie. I am not all that sure about the research they have done either about this whole thing. The ice is melting. Yes. But if you read what real scientists (not Al Gore and his team of highlypaid "scientists") are saying this has happened before and it will correct itself...or maybe not and maybe it is just the end of the world (but I am all for that--2nd Coming baby-yee haw). We will end in a big ball of fire caused by me not changing ALL of my lightbulbs to the really annoying, swirly ones that turn on in a delayed strobe light effect that makes you pause and ask, "I did just hit the right button, right?" Whatever the cause, it is too hot for March and I wish that it would just stop cause I don't have capris yet that fit me and I won't have the money untill the first of the month to buy them and then I should really get my wheat grinder that I keep saying I will buy. Those 50% off sales at Goodwill get me everytime!

3-The AIG Scandal: what the sam diggetty. How dare they take taxpayer money and actually give it to people who work!!? I have never heard of such nonsense. Seriously. Nobody seems to care that in my neighborhood alone we have a whore house, two drug houses, and a drop house...all being funded by guess who...taxpayers. yup, that is right! But is anyone calling them into question them about how they are spending their money? Nope. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not against these programs. I fully intend to take advantage of the help when we are so poor and living the student life again, but I also fully intend on repaying my debt to society and bettering my situation in the long run...oh and I don't run a brothel from my master bedroom. We should be paying people to work not "work it". I guess some would say-"well it is different--they are poor and the AIG employees are not." This is true so I say let's gather all the people with money and just behead them. Anyone know anything about the French Revolution? Let's just behead them all and all the people that wish they had money and start over. But wait, if we did that who would be an advocate for the Polar Bears? Hasta Leo. (okay I don't hate Polar Bears...hmmm...although they do maul small children in Bethel, Alaska--they seem so nice on the PBS specials on the disappearing ice) Okay, so I went into the questioning of the AIG guy yesterday thinking that he was a crazy, selffish bugger that deserved to be beheaded but then they started questioning him and holy all made sense. It felt awful though to watch him have to defend his employees and their families as these men (rich men I might add) tore him up. This is what happens when government gets too involved...I had a flashback to 1984- the book not the year. Moral of the story: Nothing is ever free-especially not when it comes in the form of a government bailout.
I don't know the whole story and I don't claim to be an expert or a political stalwart but something stinks and it isn't just Quatro who is pooping in my lap as I type. This country needs to stop listening to talk radio and The Insider and start thinking for themselves. Look around...does this look good? something other than People Magazine and Cosmo and learn about this stuff. Make up your mind one way or another, don't let it be swayed by who your favorite celeb is or who is getting the most buzz on TMZ. It is aggravating me...alot. I think I will move to Canada (oh wait my Passport expired)...or maybe Kolob?

I am done venting. Someday I will probably read back and I was wound tight...I should have relaxed and just watched Oprah/The Today Show/Dr. Phil (insert any pop culture news show) a little bit more...they had it right all along!

I need to go change a few diapers now and pick up my son from preschool and daughter from her school. This is real life...I need to remember that.


Becca said...

Man when you get sick you really let it all loose! I enjoyed your rant and agree 100%. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Tassi Smith said...

I love your rants. They are so fun to read. Thanks for sharing.

john and steph said...

Well Said. I totally agree!!

Emily K. said...

I would love 90 degree weather right now. I agree with you on the Al Gore, global warming issue, but you kind of lost me on the AIG thing. I try not to watch the news, because there is always a baby dying from child abuse, or a kidnapping, etc., and it disturbs me, and I can't sleep. Jake tried to update me on the issue, because working at a bank, he gets all kinds of questions about it, but it kind of went over my head. I love your rants though. I don't think those executives need big bonuses in this economy, when everyone else's wages are getting cut.

MJ said...

Nice! I feel the same frustrations of not being able to do anything at all about it.

Palmer family said...

We could use nice spring weather here in Boise. Not hot weather like AZ has to offer though. Sounds like you need to go to Flagstaff or someplace cooler for a day or two!?!! ;o)
I have been sick for almost a week now too. It sucks! You are right...Moms are NOT allowed to get sick!

Deb said...

Girl...if you can't rant on yer own blog where can you rant? Scream on Sista!
BTW...sometimes Little gets peeved for no reason and I'll ask her what's up and she'll say "I have a wedgie"...that reminded me of your title...although that is a little harder to do with the white ninja suit. Hmmm.
Anyhoo- enjoyed yer piece!

Christine said...

I love reading your blog, Bethany! You rock:)

Shelley said...

Bethany, how about some dark chocolate and a hot bath??? And no, I didn't mean with me. That sorta sounded like a sick invitation. :) Hope you start feeling better soon. My family hasn't been entirely healthy in a month and it sucks.