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Monday, March 16, 2009

Do you have a sue pie?

A year ago I was here:

and I was wearing this:

Today I am going here:

and wearing this:

We've come a long way baby.
~for those of you confused by the title of this post HAVASUPAI (or pronounced have a sue pie) is a beautiful hike into the Grand Canyon that I have wanted to do for a long while. I in no way wanted to confuse only to entertain and peak interest. I regretably (or not so much) apologize for the stress i may have caused your brain functioning or malfunctioning, whichever is more accurate.


Tassi Smith said...

I am jealous. No fair. I have always wanted to go there.

MJ said...

I love it there, but I've never gone in March. I bet the water will be COLD but the hike will be doable because it's not over 100 degree weather.

Mighty Mighty Rudds said...

We aren't going until May...we just planned it this weekend so I am preemptively excited!!

Kim said...

Oh you are going to love it. I went right after high school and it was fun. Hard hike but so worth it once you are down there.

Palmer family said...

I have heard it is hard but beautiful! Have fun. My dad has hiked it and so have a couple of my sisters, they loved it!

Joel & Lisa Wagenman said...

Awesome! Your footwear is definitely getting more attractive :). My only bit of advice is to clip your toenails before you go, or they WILL be black by the time you get to the bottom. And it's totally worth the money to have your pack taken up by the donkeys on your way out :) Have FUN!!!