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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small parts

Disclaimer: *If you are a male reader (that is weird-get back to work :))you may be cautioned that the below reading may contain girly have been warned.
I have small parts.

My ears, my baby toe nail, and my chestage area.
My ears:
4 1/4 cm long, they have been that big since I was two years old and have not changed. Tres is two and her's are 5 cm. Don't ask me how I know that, or what tempted me to actually measure my ears against my daughters. I have always known that I had small ears...due to many people on the left and right of me looking over and stating "Oh my gosh you have tiny ears!" Also, when I got my first Ipod (birthday of '08-yes I am aware that we are a little behind-we got our first cell phone at Christmas of '07) and the earbuds killed my ears and don't stay in unless I insert them at a very specific and awkward angle.
Note to Apple: ear discrimintation is a serious offense. Ears are made in all sizes and so should ear buds be.

This is not my ear.

My baby toe nail:
Tiny. I have to paint the skin around it to make it look normal. It is the size of a quarter if a pea-on a good day. On a bad day I clip it too close to the skin and so it is pretty much nonexistent. TMI? Too bad-you should have stopped reading at the disclaimer. I am really okay with this one because, afterall, it is just a toe and who really notices a baby toe-I just try to keep my feet moving very quickly so that no one can notice it-now if I could just get rid of that space after my baby toe where it looks like an extra toe should be.

This is not my foot.

My chestage area:
2 A cups-4 nursing kids-8 years= negative A cup

My mom offered to buy me prosthetics, need I say more?

This is not my chestage area...too perky.

I am grateful for my small parts.

Someday when I am menopausal and gaining weight and the rest of me is getting bigger beyond my control I will still have my few small parts.


Emily K. said...

I am definitely loving my full chest being pregnant and all. I know once I have this baby I will be in your same boat. I actually don't remember your small ears, but I do remember you little toe. You definitely make me laugh, and I love reading your posts.

Becca said...

Seriously I'm with ya sista! Just embrace whatcha got! I love my little 32 NA. (not applicable is what I like to call them) I hate going into Victoria Secrets and they not have my size. I hate chest discrimination as much as you hate ear discrimination!

Jamie said...


I especially loved the 32 NA. funny. You make me laugh really hard Bethany. I am glad you still your sense of humor. I think I lost mine one time!

Sarah said...

With on the small "chestage"! Haydan can sympathize with the little toes. Her pinky toe nail is not only barely there but doesn't lie flat. It grows like a little beak. Poor girl.