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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey there is a hole in that rock!

Beautiful weather, beautiful kids, beautiful...15 year old in a bikini?!

I have been trying to do more stuff with just me and my kiddos and so we decided to go hike Hole in The Rock at Papago park (really more like a slight jaunt up some man made stairs but carrying a 25 lb 17 month old on my back made it a hike). My kids are pretty great. (before I get into the bikini subject I will wow you with the beauty that is my life ;) )

So now I will vent about the bikini girl. I was just trying to enjoy a nice, wholesome activity with my kids when we stumbled upon a swimsuit photo shoot! "Awesome!" I thought to myself, "just what my 7 year old daughter and (almost) 5 year old son need to see." How am I going to explain these young girls strutting their stuff for the cameras while trying to look as sexy as possible? Maybe a good time for a lesson on modesty or maybe agency?

So anyway. This girl was probably around 15 years old. It was creepy. Her mom must have been there and when she saw me with my four kiddos she said "Wow you are a brave woman!" I said, "Funny- I was just thinking the same thing about you!" We both laughed then I asked her how it was to watch her daughter model a swimming suit. She said it took some time to get used to. I am wondering--what possessed you to go past the shoots that you weren't used to!?! (it's like coffee being an acquired are crickets but you don't see me going in for a second helping)Maybe the $$$---I mean college IS very expensive these days and who wants to watch their 15 year old daughter stoop to maybe..oh I don't know...flip burgers or serve up smoothies at the mall!
Later I asked Uno how she felt about that and her response was, "I thought it was weird that she was wearing high heels on a mountain. Also, she had a weird belly button."
It was fun and maybe I should send a thank you note to the mom for providing me with a teaching moment with my kids and also for providing us with some entertainment from her 15 year old daughters weird belly button.


Mandy said...

you're such a tough mom- i really admire you.


Jamie said...

gross, gross, gross, I can't imagine how sick it would make me feel to see my daughter doing something like that! I have a stomachache just thinking about it.

Joel & Lisa Wagenman said...

Ha, Bethy, you are so witty! Way to stick it to that mom without being rude.