The Mighty Mighty Rudds

We are us! We dedicate this blog to nothing in particular. It's just a bunch of stuff that I feel like writing! I can't promise that it will be updated frequently but I will try to scrounge up something of interest every once in a while! I wouldn't want to disappoint our eager fans!! Hold onto your seats this is going to be an exciting ride!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

post scrabble sunday fun

*Disclaimer: Hubby's head, although large, is not twice the size of's a camera trick.


Jamie said...

sundays make me tired, but they apparently turn you guys totally bonkers! j/k. funny pics

Irene said...

Are you sure your head isn't really that small to match your 4 1/4 cm ears? I love the cute pictures and I love you guys!

Jill said...

You guys are awesome!!! By the way--I loved your dress on Sunday! You looked so cute!