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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few ear treats

As requested I have reinstated a playlist.
It is fun.
A collection of tunage that is sure to please the ear(s)--well at least MY ears, I don't know about your's and to be frank, I don't really care. You can mute it if you want but if you do that you may just miss the goat.
The first to hear it gets a prize.
Not really but it did make hubby laugh and I must admit that is my sole intention on this earth.


john and steph said...

I love my playlist and don't care if other don't like it. Sometimes I put it on just to have music playing. My kids love it. Where are you moving?

Emily K. said...

I usually mute the music on everybody's blogs because they have annoying music. I am not going to listen to yours either, because I don't know how to turn on the volume with our new computer. Your music skills are the best though. I love ya. Where are you moving?