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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

want wet pants?

Watch this:

Hubby is the one in the black robe.

9th grade renactment of Romeo and Juliet also featuring Brandon Cotter, Cody Clark, Stephen Brower, Laryy Kerby, and Jared Hendrickson.

There are many things that attracted me to my hubby in 9th grade...this is not one of them.


Crissybug said...

That was hilarious. It is amazing how much each of those guys have changed over the years.

Becca said...

So, I don't even know where to start...What were they thinking? I loved the panty hose and tights on the boys. Steven seriously was cracking me up with that dress. What was with the accents? They sounded like Monty Python. Your hubby was...well...very special with his performance. Overall I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

The Clawsons said...

huh. spencer has a similar tape floating around somewhere where they were reenacting Euridice. it had something to do with them running through the forest behind his house screaming "yur-i-dize". i think the best part of your hubby's presentation was the ginormous phone antenna in the shot. we're soooo old. you're right.

Sara! said...

My favorite parts:

Brandon in tights and with the bowl cut.

Larry thinking he's hillarious with his giant cordless phone.

Tate's "go Romeo" dance.

Stephen, shirtless.

Joel & Lisa Wagenman said...

What in the world was that!? How long have you had that and why have you not shared it before? That was hilarious! Jared was awesome with his rolled/pegged pants!