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Sunday, April 19, 2009

High on high school

So this weekend has been a blur of High School activites and that, combined with the fact that I have to stretch everytime I stand up after sitting for more than a minute or limp to my next destination, is making me feel a little bit old. No, I don't want a whole bunch of comments trying to refute that fact or telling me that being young is a state of mind. I am getting older...and I am okay with it. I have just been confronted with it head on this weekend and thus this post is born.
It started with my little sis's (Abby Dabby) musical (Suessical the Musical to be exact) on friday night. I was waiting in line between two groups of her peers; a group of greasy looking boys wearing "socal" jerseys (skinny arms sticking out of large holed tank tops)wishing that they had some sort of facial hair that could be recognized as a goatee and not just a few stray pube's on their face (sorry if tmi but just stating what I know you all are thinking when you see this) (oh and they were wishing that--not me) and another group who were the mormon kids turned bad-you know what I am talking about- they were using all kinds of filthly language like "what the damage" and "beeotch"-getting as close as they could without actually getting into trouble in case thei bishop or mom's visiting teaching comp was lingering nearby.
Yes, it was wonderful and to make matters worse one of the greasy pube face boys kept talking to me, trying to be funny...wait could this be flirting...sick once and sick twice when he was mortified when my husband of 9 (almost) years and my four children came running to their 29 year old mother.
I guess boys that age don't get the whole wedding-ring-face-touching done to deter unwanted guesstures of flirtatousness--I think that is only the tip of the ice berg of what they don't get but whatever.
Now, you might think this would make me feel younger--but it didn't just mildly like a teacher convicted of molesting one of her students...sick three times. Plus, any feeling of youth that had come over me due to this nasty sort of high school humor and germage floating through the air came to an end when the ticket girl called me...ready yourself...gulp..."ma'am". Really. really now. Ma'am. Thanks.

My sister did awesome in the play by the way--very fun and cute.

Okay so on with the weekend.
Hubby and I went to Prom. That is right. Prom. Just a little thing we like to do relive our own High School Prom night. Only now we are the old and cheesy photographers that we always made fun of at Prom. Yup.
We, partially to earn extra mulah and partially to have an excuse to get away together, work the busy dance weekends for a photog studio here in town. It is scary. Very scary.
So scary, in fact, (scary reason number one)that when a balloon popped I was so scared I almost hit the deck, but after glancing over at the armed police officers highered by the school who were standing by the metal detector rented by the school, I felt better because they seemed unphased. Phew not gunfire.
So scary, in fact, (scary reason number two) that I am thinking about somehow surgically attaching my daughters clothing to her body before she leaves for school...shampoo could work as a mild detergent right. I might be onto something here. Or at least attaching her undies (and no NOT a thong thank you very much) and bra to her body, only to be unattached the morning of her temple wedding where she will be sealed for time and all eternity to boy whose mother has done the same (only not a bra-that would be weird) oh and possibly made him wear boxing gloves while out on dates.
So scary, in fact, (scary reason number three) that I am thinking about never allowing my children to listen to music ever again. Maybe I could convince them that have gone deaf and we could all learn sign language. I wonder if they make a pill for temporary hearing loss...only until they are old enough to realize that you should ALWAYS listen to maybe after their first child is 2. This would also prevent them from dancing-or maybe it would be better described as girating against whomever or whatever is standing nearby; girl, boy, table, pole, large star that was once hanging from the ceiling as decorations as your High School Prom. (that was scary reason number 4)
So all in all I am completely out of touch. I am old. I get annoyed by greasy boys in tank tops, music, dancing, stylish clothing and getting called ma'am. Oh yeah and I can't stand up without creaking and limping for a few second before my muscles remember that they do actually bend and move with the flow of my body.
So I am older. But not only am I older but I will now have the weirdest kids in school--mission accomplished-maybe people will stay away from them and let them be and think what I want them to be and think!!! :)


Crissybug said...

We went and saw Suessical on Saturday. While sitting there during the intermission I was thinking many of the same things. Although I may feel old, I am so glad that we aren't having to live through that again. Although I high school was fun, I will take my creaking bones, kids, and honey any day!

Jill said...

Bethany--your blog entries always make me laugh!!! Sorry you had to relive the high school experience! NO ONE should have to do that more than once!!!

Sweating in the endless heat said...

I know exactly what you are talking about:-) That is why I can't do dances anymore. I too get a kick out of your should really consider writing a book someday:-)

Tassi Smith said...

Don't move to the South everyone calls you ma'am. What school did you take pictures at?

Jamie said...

I want really weird kids too. Maybe we could move together to a compound, and dress them in 1800's clothes. We don't have to share husbands though!

Erin said...

LOL, I love reading what you write! TOTALLY agree! We had American Idol on last week and the guest performance made me seriously question what the world is coming to! Songs are HORRIBLE now, and they have catchy tunes so you are listening to something "cool" without even knowing the words! Can't we keep our kids in a bubble??

Sarah said...

So I'm torn between laughing and thinking, again, that I should start compiling some homeschool information right now! I wont even tell you some of the stories Dan has brought about kids in elementary school - 1st grade to be exact. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. Of course then I remember my own pathetic secret -that when I'm feeling low I sometimes remember that two 15 year olds told Dan I was hot. Sad that that makes me feel good! But since Haydan likes to constantly point out how "fat" (direct quote) I'm getting and that my bottom is really big, I think I can handle being pathetic every now and then! Oh! And the swimsuits...I'd definitely go with the first choice. Much more flattering ;)