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Friday, May 22, 2009

Serial Killer or Brother?

My sister reminded me of this exchange that happened between my children:

"Mahhhm! Dos is poking me with his knife!" said Uno.
To which Dos responded innocently, "No I wasn't, I was trying to cut her head off."
I calmly, while smuggling giggles, said, "Dos, please don't do that. We like Uno's head."

Should I be worried? Nah. Sweet denial is bliss.


Josh and Heather said...

Ha ha I love it!

Jake said...

Gotta love siblings!

Tassi Smith said...

At least he did not actually cut her like another brother I know. Not mentioning any names, (cough Tait). Teasing is little sister about chopping her toe off with a shovel. I still am scarred.

Emily K. said...

I was telling my mother-in-law yesterday about the wonderful episode when Rohne was trying to strangle Taylee. I came to the rescue when she screamed, "He is making me die!" My mother-in-law now thinks that my 3 year old needs therapy, because he is trying to kill his sister. Just a daily occurance at our house. You're right, denial is bliss. I am still not going to send him to therapy. It's called, being bored, and she was pure entertainment.

Palmer family said...

typical kids! :)