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Thursday, May 14, 2009

View from the rear view

We do a lot of driving in the car. School, friends houses, sports activites, school, grandparents houses, school, library, store, zoo...etc. It gives us an opportunity to sing together, play our made up car games (ex"How Now Brown Cow?" "Rhyme Time") together, fight together, and talk about all kinds of interesting stuff.
Until about a year and half ago (when Quatro was born) we crammed our little family into Val, our tiny Honda Civic (see below for story of how Val became Val). We had to purchase three new car seats so that we could fit all of in it at one time. We used to go crazy with three babies in the back crying at the same time and all wanting us. Hubby used to count how many times they would say "Mommy" in a minute. It was a lot. We were in this car a lot.
So you can imagine how excited I was when we decided that since we were having a fourth baby (and you thought it was a surprise, really it was just me really wanting the freedom of having my own car--how ironic that now I have four kids and am afraid to leave the house with them alone) we would have to buy a second car, a mini van! Most are reluctant to give up the compact car image for the more cumbersome one of a minivan-mom.
I, however, was not.
I just wanted them spread out and not able to touch, hit, pinch, or kick one another. I wanted rear AC, room to move, space between each child (as if that would fix the fighting!)back speakers, doors that openes with the push of a button, and removeable seats. But my favorite part of this new arrangement was this little ditty, my little rear view:

I see the greatest things in this little rear view.

**Driving in civic was like driving in a refrigerator box/fridge is cold/ ice is cold/ The Iceman/ Val Kilmer="Val" (try to keep up)

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Emily K. said...

We were hoping to be able to afford a minivan before Baby #3 enters the world. Alas, it isn't meant to be. We will be cramming 3 children into the back of our Trailblazer. Granted, a little bigger than a Civic, but, I am already dreading trips out. Do babies like Disney music? I don't remember.