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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stink Stank Stunk

We stink today.
By we I mean Quattro and I

My baby has B.O. and I am not sure why. His head smells funny. I just bathed him so I hope he doesn't have some weird stink condition. He also has this weird poop problem but I will spare you the details. He also wrote on his forehead with a marker but that doesn't stink...well it does but not in the same way. ("where did he get a marker?" you may be asking and to that I reply, "well judge Judy, I like to leave things lying around that will cause further chaos in my day.")

I did a vinegar wash on my hair this morning (a little itchy scalp problem, probably caused by the amount of hair on my head). I stink. I tried to shampoo it out but no such luck. It is there to stay. Sure hope the ladies at my meeting tonight don't mind. Oh well, I will just tell them I spent the entire day scrubbing my house clean...
Stay clear of the Rudd household today...tomorrow you are welcome cause tonight it bath night.


Emily K. said...

I would take you stinky, and all, Bethy Ann. When's our reunion again?

Becca said...

So you should talk to Sara Doster, here youngest had a "stink" problem with the poop problem and there was actually something going on. She blogged about it a few months ago.

Sara! said...

My babies smell like baked potatoes. I scrub and scrub them to no avail. Luckilly, like quatro, they are boys so it's just expected.

Sarah said...

At least you're both cute - it's always easier to get away with stuff.