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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good stuff maynored

I woke this morning to the feeling that I REALLY needed some good news.

I got it two fold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, Dos got into preschool, morning session, three days a week. Now this may not seem like a big deal to you but he has been on the waiting list for a month now and school starts next week. I was beginning to wake at wee morning hours worrying about him becoming a weird anti-social nut case who spent too much time with is mommy.

Second, Hubby got his very much deserved promotion today!! he has been working so hard to get it and it actually happened! This is great because he got it working on his terms not the firms (fewer hours but quality work, this may sound messed up and that is because it is but the corporate world is messed up and I won't get on that soap box right now) It gives us hope for his future in Public Accounting and it is about time that they give that man some credit for the work that he does and the things that he has to sacrifice more than others. He is the only one in the WHOLE OFFICE (including partners) that has more that two kids and who actually believes that it is important to spend time with them. Plus, he has this super HOT wife that he has to leave behind every morning---if that doesn't spell sacrifice, I don't know what does!

(I feel I should explain this picture...but I am not going to, he was warned that should the behavior continue it would be posted on the www.)

So all in all I am feeling very grateful today and for the first time in a while I am feeling like the Lord has been listening to my whiny prayers! You know that song "Sometimes I thank God (dun dun dun) for u-unanswered pra-yers"?
C-R-A-upside down b.
I don't. :) :)

Plus, I get to go to Teen Elect tonight. Again, this may not sound like a big deal to the average eardrum but when it is the only chance to talk to human's above the age of accountability--it is. Oh and then I get to go and listen to Dr. Hill speak about essential oils!

Good stuff maynored.


Tassi Smith said...

Yea!!! Congrats on the good news. I am happy for the family.

Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

I am glad you had a good day and grateful that Tait got the promotion. He is a hard working guy.(not to mention how hard you work as a mommy) And Im glad that DOS can go to school!! They are growing up so fast.

Matt and Tara said...

Congrats! It is very much deserved!

Jamie said...

I'm so happy to hear about all your good news!!

I love the picture of Tait. Make it your new facebook profile pic!

Emily K. said...

Congratulations on the promotion. It's always nice when hard work finally gets appreciated. Jake is also one of the only ones with 3 kids in his line of work. His production was down in July when we had our baby, because *GASP* he took some PTO time to help his wife, and other kids adjust to a new baby. No one seems to understand, and it infuriates me!!! We are still waiting on Tay to get into her preschool. We were 3rd on the waiting list, and they assured me that I would have no problem, but, we still haven't heard. Yea for you!!

The Wells said...

Happy to hear all the good news! And I'm happy to give you some more...we are for SURE coming down to AZ for Thanksgiving! We really can't wait to see you guys! Miss you and love you!

Joel and Lisa Wagenman said...

Whoot, whoot! We should get together and eat Good Stuff Maynord to celebrate. That picture of Tait is hillarious.

Irene said...

I loved watching you and Tara "rock out" at Teen Elect with your Beehives. They are going to love you!