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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lovely's b-day

Happy Birthday to my handsome--I mean cool guy! He hates being called handsome. He also hates me saying goodnight, spikey hair, people laughing at him, and salad dressing.
He is 5.
He is great!
He adds so much to our family.
Like wrestling, running, train noises, and questions about poop.
He is special to me because he came to us after the very hard loss of a pregnancy (miscarraige 17 weeks) and I was nervous the whole pregnancy but all went well and now we have this little boy who keeps us hopping!
My favorite thing about him is that he still hugs and snuggles. He loves his sisters and brothers and can be very sensitive and caring--except when he isn't.
He is wild and crazy but a very good kid. Sweet. Funny. And he has the best laugh, especially when the monster falls on the jax in Monsters Inc. Hilarious.
He claims to have a uterus. We haven't technically had him tested or anything but I am fairly certain it is just uterus envy. No worries: he is ALL boy...he loves dinosaurs, trains, kinex, he thinks burping and farting are hilarious and he asks me (in between his owns sniffs and whiffs) everytime he poops if I want to smell the bathroom. His way of making sure I am aware of him brushing his teeth is to MAKE me smell his breath.
He loves his sunglasses and dancing with his partner in crime-the other half of the Double D's.
I love love my lovely Numero Dos.

Thanks for letting me be your mom.


Matt and Tara said...

I love that # dos!!! He is so dang cute! I loved all the pictures. I was laughing out loud at my desk!

Irene said...

I love my "handsome" grandson! I can say that, because I know he won't be reading this. Happy Birthday!

Jennie Ellison said...

It's funny how many pics you have of #dos and #tres together. must be best pals. tell him happy bday

Jamie said...

So funny! (is it okay to say that?!)

Smelliot misses him. :)

Tamara said...

Jesse says Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dos! We miss you!

Emily K. said...

Our little girl is turning 5 in 3 days. Maybe we should get them together at BYU-I someday, and they can date. Then, they will get married, and we will be forever connected. What fun. I didn't realize you had such a late miscarriage. How painful that must of been.

Chase said...

Happy Birthday bubbas #1! I love that kid so much! love Tatum