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Friday, April 16, 2010

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (remember that show?)

This week my little sister will change her name and marry Mr. Cooper.

Isn't she purty? People sometimes get us confused cause I am purty too. :)
I did her hair-thank you very much. I was very nervous and it took me a long while-thank heavens for TLC (the network not the acronym)-it got us through.

She looks just like me...:) except for the vampire teeth, she didn't get those-sorry sucker (no pun intended).

And Mr. Cooper ain't so bad himself.
She said she felt weird during this picture but I think it looks cool, like a sexy neck cramp...
Good luck this week you two-we love you!!!


Tassi Smith said...

Congrats Chelsea! You look gorgeous.

Emily K. said...

Wow! She's beautiful! Just like her big sister! Love Love Love the hair, and the dress, and the pre-babies' waist. Tiny. . . So, is that everybody in your family married now?

Sweating in the endless heat said...

She looks gorgeous just like her big sis. You did a fabulous job on her hair!

Mighty Mighty Rudds said...

nope...I still have an older brother and 18 year old sister (who had better not get maried for a while)--so two more bridesmaids dresses to go!

Sarah said...

Wow - she's so grown up! Her hair looks beautiful :)

JaredRhonda said...

Hey, It's the Sheltons. We just need your email address so we can invite you to our blog. jarrhonfam at hotmail dot com

BTW, lovely wedding photos of your sister and beautiful job on her hair.

Erin said...

How fun, and yes she is beautiful and yes so are you!