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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kitchy tell all

So I have found that my kitchen counters tell a lot about how my day has gone, the level of chaos in my life, and what I have been doing with my time.

Just in case you care about what is on mine:

  • a drill
  • battery charging
  • staple gun
  • box of staples
  • a matchbox police car
  • a child
  • two dried peas (from lunch)
  • grateful jar with dust on it
  • 7 used cups (yes I only have 4 children)
  • three phones (one which working, one which is charging, the other waiting to be charged)
  • paperwork for Tres's speech screening
  • mail
  • a bottle that has been needing to be returned to my friend for days and everytime we go in there my kids point out that we have Drew's bottle-EVERY TIME.
  • grocery store ads
  • grocery store list (which is actually a binder-don't ask)
  • beach camping menu
  • Girl's camp junk-EVERYWHERE!
  • screws
  • grill pan
  • cupcake holder (it's red adn cute and I like it)
  • apple peeler corer slicer
  • crock pot
  • with lasagna in it
  • clean dishes
  • lunch dishes (see how I refrained from saying dirty)
  • four dish towels...we are out of paper towels
  • empty paper towel holder...we are out of...wait I already said that
  • purse (I will leave the details of that mess for another day-like the day that I organize it, so maybe Julyish)
  • coupon book (the big one that never gets used but sur takes up a lot of space on my counter
  • one of those phone organizer things that really doesn't organize anything just sits there getting messier and messier-that will be a post too-someday)
  • camera
  • big jar half filled with warm fuzzies
  • homeschool curriculum catalog
  • ipod (shuffle not touch)
  • list of wrist doctors-know any good one's? who am I kidding only old people and athletes hurt their wrists- oh and stupid people who use their hand to hammer things,like drawers.
  • BYU transcripts (just to remind myself that I will never get into the Master's program that I want and of how totally unmotivated I was the last semester of college-what?! I had a two year old and one on the way)
  • swimming lesson schedule
  • project list for work
  • wrist brace-I know I should be wearing it but it ruins my creative genius
  • gym class schedule (hahahahahahahahahahahaha, funny- I know)
  • ibuprofen (take two and then two more and then two more and then two more)
  • bin of CD's that really need to be gone through and minimized because really who has CD"s anymore...oh probably people who own an ipod shuffle instead of a touch.

Time to go.
Hubby will be home soon and I must powder my nose, adjust my pearls, stick my lips and have the counters cleared off so as to appear completely unruffled by my day. teehee

Coming soon to a blog near you: what is on my desk,what is in the purse, what is in my phone "organizer" thing
Man I should get an award for this blog-it is so entertaining


Sweating in the endless heat said...

Yes you should get an award:-) Glad to see you are are always very entertaining to read!

Joel and Lisa Wagenman said...

It totally reminds me of a wise quote I once heard:
"You can measure how full a woman's heart is by how full her kitchen counter is." Acutally I just made that up just now, but doesn't it sound wise? Pfff, lame.

Also, I hate my suffle too. Who's idea was that!?

Anyhoo, when are we going to have luch?

Patti said...

totally deserve an award! your blog and life is way more entertaining to read than mine would be to write. But speaking of...I'm curious to know how the speech screening goes :-) Is it for AzEIP or school district? Just curious. Also when are you out this way next? I still have your basket of "props".

Emily K. said...

Sounds like my kitchen counter. Minus a couple things, plus a few more. I have the shuffle too. Jake actually got the the Touch for Mother's Day. I just couldn't justify the cost, and took it back. I'm perfectly fine with my hot pink shuffle.

You always make me laugh. I love ya!

Matt and Tara said...

Hahaha! I want your recipe for crock pot lasagne!

Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

I should do one for my purse. Chase marvels at everything I have in mine! Ha