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Friday, July 16, 2010

Hola, Mi Nombre Es Bethany

Only in the valley will you find this...
a melted pen.

A favorite melted pen, and when I say favorite I mean FAVORITE. Like once I put up reward posters for a favorite pen when at college and found it, and when on a date with the boy who found it--that was the reward (HA!)...but only because he was cute if he would have been ugly I totally had a backup candy bar in my purse. I like me some favorite pens, just not melted. There is no coming back from this one.

A Kids Club Home Depot Apron...en espanol.

Ich spreche deutsch, y tu? (I speak german (in german) and you? (in spanish) ) I am fluent in two languages at the same time...doesn't do much good really.

and finally, clouds that actually say, and I quote: "Nanee, Nanee, boo, boo you can't catch me." AKA "Liar clouds", as named by dos. Clouds that make us think it is going to rain and then they lie. Thanks for the humidity and the 115 degree heat but take your false hopes and leave (unless you really are going to rain on us this time and then you can stay). We are all far too trusting. Blasted LIAR CLOUDS (said with upturned face and fists as the words echo in my head).

Why do we live here again? (to be answered in February when you are all smothered and crying because it is freezing on Valentines Day when we are out hiking, riding bikes and generally enjoying the 9 months of heaven here!)


Matt and Tara said...

I hate liar clouds! I have stopped getting my hopes up. The heat is really good at melting my favorite chocolate, and the crayons I keep in my car just in case I get bored and want to color!

Tassi Smith said...

I don't call 100 degree temps into October heaven. You really should check out North Carolina. It is really quite lovely. We could even be next door neighbors.

katie said...

Don't forget that they will also be sad in May/June when it is still snowing wherever they live and we are already starting on our tan lines.