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Friday, July 16, 2010

Cause I forget how long it has been

I look at other people's blogs and how good they are at writing about cool stuff they do and cool things their kids say and then I look at mine and I think, "sure it is fun, but will it really make a difference to my posterity?" ---------then I remember I don't care.

So here is to the last few months!
Sesame Street Live Dos and Tres were GETTIN' DOWN
Elmo told him to close his eyes-so he did, nice how he listens to Elmo and not his mother. These are the memories Tait will have of his 31st Birthday.
Happy Birthday!

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

We like to jump off stuff.

The 3rd of July 2010
You may think that is weird unless you were alive in that year to remember that the 4th was on Sunday. We went to a little community festival--it was a lot of fun and made me feel like we live in a nice, safe world where they whistle the Mayberry Song, until they rolled out the heavy artillery-then I remembered. The armored hummer. The kids loved it.

Bet you guys didn't do what we did next...

Fireworks, they are these super cool things that they shoot off and then they light off in different patterns, shapes and colors. They light up the night sky and are very loud.

If you just took this picture at face value and with a little knowledge of my son, Dos you would think that this was some kind of torture hold he had Tres placed in...But you would be wrong, because even though Dos wears a skull and cross bones tie to church and resembles Sid from Toy Story, he actually is dancing with his sister. He taught her the correct hold and everything. He is such a uber sweet kid...most of the time.

Tres was very concerned that I wasn't actually taking the picture so she was making sure.

My exciting life as I know children are wonderful!!!!!!! Posterity, I hope you enjoy. Just remember where you came from and where you are going...wise words from your Great, great grandma. I hope I am dead by now, or that Christ has come already cause otherwise I am going to be one very miserable woman.


Matt and Tara said...

I wish we could have gone! Next year!
P.S. I love your kids!

Shelley said...

Cute kids! Thanks for sharing!